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Let’s take it all off and get busy learning how to make Boudoir magic in my most exciting workshop to date. It’s time to get Stripped!

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Boudoir. It can be beautiful and intimate. It can be raw and racy. It can be EVERYTHING. Join me and see how I do boudoir. It’s not just your average roll in the sheets! Watch as I capture intimate moments and create sexy, beautiful images that start your heart racing. See how you can capture these treasured moments for your clients and make all of their innermost dreams come true! Join me and let’s take it all off and get busy learning how to make Boudoir magic in my most exciting workshop to date. It’s time to get Stripped!

15 Reviews for Stripped

“this was really good to watch. i wish i heard more camera settings tho.”


“It was ok. I wish there was more teaching involved. You basically watched them do a session. You can tell they knew what they were doing and never explained why. It was good, I guess I expected more. And the models were exactly that, models. It would have been nice to see curvy girls and how they would posed them. In the beginning they talked about angles and how important they are and never ever went into it after. And when they were talking sets it would have been nice to learn how to create a layered set to compliment the client like the one they had. And not just add drugs as props. The shots were beautiful.”


“The best :-)”


“Having been involved in the past with an online boudoir workshop where both Miranda and Meg were involved, I was excited to see them in the same video shooting at the same time together! There's a great juxtaposition of seeing how similar and different Meg and Miranda shoot - this allows for you to see which way you may be more inclined to shoot and learn about the other option in the process. You get to see each of Meg and Miranda's images as they shoot, as well as a comparison of the two so there's room for learning about things such as; distance from the subject, level the photographer is shooting at, and the poses themselves. I do wish there had been a bit more of the prep work before a session starts involved. Such as topics like hair/make-up choices (Miranda covered clothing but not much was discussed about hair/makeup) as well as more of the process of what goes into before a session even happens (talking to a client to better understand their body image complaints and poses for the common complaints for instance.) This is one area that I know may also come from experience but is a common question out there that photographer's new to boudoir wish they had more help with in the process. This is a great starter course for any wanting to learn about boudoir and you are learning from two very talented photographers in the process which makes this course well worth it no matter your level of photography.”


“Loved it! Makes me want to push the envelop ;-)”


“This course was tastefully beautiful. It was wonderfully done and I’m glad I got it for the knowledge gained. Thank you!”


“Absolutely worth every penny. I think this is my favorite of all Meg's courses. Amazing.”


“What did I just watch? AMAZING! Simply inspiring.”


“This was awesome. I learned so much about light.”


“Brilliant! Loved every second of this workshop, I'm totally inspired!”


“Fucking amazing!!!! Wow!”


“Just finished watching this!!! Amazing to see two Artists who inspire me working together and making beautiful art. Thank you for the tips and tricks I can’t wait to use my new knowledge to add in my tool box girls ✨”


“when would this be available?”


“Can’t wait!!!”


“Can’t wait to see this!”