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Storybook Land

Jessica Hatlen joins us as a Guest Instructor! Jessica creates beautiful composite work and in this video she teaches how to use Photoshop tools to craft a work of art! Fine tune your composite skills with the techniques Jessica teaches in this video!

3 Reviews for Storybook Land

“Im speechless. This video was amazing. The creativity is endless. I learned so many new things. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to take editing to the next level. WOW1111. Thank you Jessica”


“This was amazing. There is so much in this video that I will be watching many times before I do one myself, but the ideas are already forming in my head. I am excited! Thank you, Jessica Hatlen.”


“I cant even begin to explain how much I've learnt from this video, dodge and burning to make images have depth and look more believable, the endless options for brushes, and fine tuning masking. So so helpful and I cant wait to create these!”