A Story of Beauty and Light

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A Story of Beauty and Light

There are many elements that go into creating a story of beauty and light.

The adolescent years are a time of rapid growth and change. The identity is evolving and confidence MUST be instilled. Putting that story together, with the use of natural light indoors, natural light outdoors and a one light strobe set up, while giving the subject the autonomy to make choices and be guided by you is a very delicate process that includes SO MANY things that you will learn in this workshop.

I cannot wait for you to become part of this story and move forward with all the knowledge to instill confidence and connection and end up with intense and authentic beauty resulting in works of art.

1 Reviews for A Story of Beauty and Light

“LOVED this!!! Reece was amazing, and I love how her confidence and beauty really came through in her posing and in her message! I want to show this to my daughters, as I know they struggle with this in these difficult tween years. Thank you Meg and Reece! xx”