Stoned Editing

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I edit silently, so you can watch silently. There is NO SOUND in these edits.


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12 Reviews

Stoned Editing

It is no secret I love to edit. It is also no secret that there are times when creativity is heightened. During these times, late at night, I can get into my own head and edit SILENTLY for hours. This is normally when my fantastical visions come to life. I have decided to invite you into my head. There is NO SOUND in these edits. I edit silently, so you can watch silently.

12 Reviews for Stoned Editing

“This takes me back to the days before MegBittonLive unrolled, where you could pay to monthly watch 1 silent edit. I get enjoyment out of silent edits because you can focus on just watching creativity happen. This includes the long version and a 3 minute summed up version.”


“This is absolutely awesome! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.”


“Fabulous, as usual. I could watch Meg edit all day, and I am always amazed, and I am always inspired, and I always learn something. The only thing with silent editing is that I feel the need to fill the silence with something else and that something else is usually music. I'm another person who edits late at night, and when I'm editing late at night by myself I usually have music playing in the background, -- like albums from Enigma. (Try it. Do a search for Enigma. Just sayin'...) But because the title of these edits was stoned-editing, I played another fave of mine, -Robin Trower. His song, "Too Rolling Stoned," works pretty well. For those of you who are too young to know who Robin Trower is, he is a rock genius from the 60s and 70's. You can't go wrong with either "Bridge of Sighs," (the song, not the whole album), or "Too Rolling Stoned." Check out those two songs. You will experience two geniuses at work at once. You can watch Meg Bitton while listening to Robin Trower, and the inspiration should be mindblowing and relaxing at the same time. I'm not going to include any links because I'm not sure if that's allowed, but you can figure it out yourselves, I'm sure.”


“Amazing edit with the use of so many creative techniques. Watching in silence forced me to really take in her every move instead of taking audio cues for granted. It was awesome to get a glimpse into Meg’s creative process as she decided on every little detail.”


“It's amazing! Really shows everything in one single edit. And I loved watching the 3 minutes after watching the whole thing.”


“This was a true joy to watch. I love learning from Meg. She never ceases to amaze me with what she does with her images. I like this silent edit because ot causes you too look closer at what is happening. As always. Perfection.”


“WOW!! I couldn't figure out where you were going and then....AMAZING HAPPENED! Thanks for sharing your gift of vision and editing.”


“It looks like velvet! Gorgeous <3 And so much fun to watch you do your magic!”


“Amazing watching you edit! I love that there’s a 3 minute version! Awesome”


“No stones left unturned in this edit! Fantastic!!!!!”


“Amazing! Its mesmerising to watch you edit.”