A Special Needs Session

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Join me as I show you how I am able to capture images of the child with special needs.

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A Special Needs Session

One of the great privileges in my life is to be able to connect with those really special children who face extra challenges in their lives. Join me as I show you how I am able to capture images of the child with special needs. I will make photographic memories of their true selves, which they and their parents will treasure forever.

I will be photographing 2 brothers. One of them is autistic. He is 3 years old. The other, who is 2 years old, is deaf and autistic. I am shooting them together and alone, both in studio using one light and outdoors. Join me, and let me show you how to work with subjects who may not be as comfortable in front of the camera as most of your subjects. Learn how to look inside yourself to find a connection to a child. It is the most rewarding experience you will ever have.

Proceeds from the sale of this course will be donated to an organization that provides services for exceptional children.

10 Reviews for A Special Needs Session

“I loved every minute of this workshop. The children were wonderful and so genuine. I am so thrilled to watch Meg photograph children. Her approach honors every child and the results are amazing. I also love that she said photographing a special needs child is not that much different than photographing any child at the same age. Kids are kids and that is the best part of child Photography.”


“This whole workshop is so beautiful and very dear to my heart! I love watching the way Meg works with children who have special needs and the respect and understanding that she shows them. I've heard from so many parents who wished they had beautiful portraits of their children with special needs but who can't find a photographer willing to work with them or able to work with their children and this breaks my heart. Watching this workshop gave me more confidence I need to serve the families that come to me even better and to create authentic portraits of their beautiful children. Thanks, Meg!”


“Amazing!! Such a touching session and aren't they just precious!! Thanks so much for making this kind of session happen and being able to record it!! You handled every situation perfectly Meg!! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!”


“This workshop covers lots of little tricks to gain attention and once again I saw a lot of patience from the whole team. There were a few bleary tears especially when Meg was cuddling the wee boy in the middle of the path. This workshop is precious.”


“This is such a touching session and Meg is absolutely great with the kids! Mum would be very happy with the photos! Lots of learning points on how to get the kids attention that would also apply to all kids sessions. Loved watching this, very emotional! Once again thanks Meg.”


“Meg is a baby-whisperer and Caden is the BEST big brother. I love his spirit. This is so special.”


“The Special Needs workshop is amazing and I highly recommend it! Before I ever thought about running my own photography business, I was a special ed teacher for many years. I was interested in this particular workshop because I felt with my background it was a natural offering for me. I have been in business for going on two years and I haven’t gone out of my way to attract families with special needs children because I worried I wouldn’t know how to handle every situation. This workshop reminded me that children are children regardless of their labels.”


“I wasn't sure that I needed this workshop but I am so glad I purchased it. I think I got 5 minutes of viewing before I was teary. I don't have a special needs child, nor do I know any but I was really touched by this workshop. I liked seeing the bag of tricks Meg had for the shoot and how she could keep the children's attention long enough for the photos. A very valid point was raised in this workshop which was the parent(s) and how they participate during the shoot which is the same across all shoots but especially for special needs. Loved this and loved the little boys, they were mega cute. Thanks again Meg for your dedication and commitment to your passion and a special thanks to Nikki for all her hard work with assisting Meg.”


“I was in tears the entire time. I could feel the anxiety the mom had the entire time as I live that everyday. I have been fighting for 3 years to figure out what was going on with like little and he was diagnosed 1 month ago at age 6 with high functioning autism. I loved watching you shoot Meg. Even watching you shoot the little one who was also deaf in complete silence was almost surreal. Incredible incredible shoot. I am trying to go from Hobby to Business and over the years I have come to love kids with special needs. Thank you again.”


“I JUST started watching this and am already crying, it is so touching. This baby is so precious. I have never reviewed before, but this just moves me so deeply. I have a 3 year old whom is non verbal and autistic and this is so relevant for us. I just would like to say thank you for doing this workshop. I have never seen a workshop like this before and I am so grateful this was made. Already, it is absolutely amazing watching how you are doing this session and it is just so special. Thank you again. And blessings to the momma of these two boys! AWESOME!!!!!!”