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Discover the power of YOU in your work.

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Soulful Critique

Some fear it. Others avoid it. Many misunderstand or misuse it. But soulful, insightful critique can motivate you, inspire you, and take you to places you’ve never imagined. It’s about finding the power in your work and unleashing it.

Join Meg and CJ Nicolai in this very special video production. CJ will work individually with 4 students. She will critique their bodies of work, while also providing a full understanding of how to step forward and provide that critique for yourself and others. Then, for the first time ever, CJ will critique Meg, offering Meg and YOU the chance to explore Meg’s work and develop a deeper understanding of who Meg is as a person and an artist. Even the greatest Artist can benefit from clear and concise critique from a trusted source. Let Meg and CJ help you to understand the process, and in the future you will be able to critique your own work, and that of others, with a clear vision and a strong voice.

91 Reviews for Soulful Critique

“Soulful critique is EVERYTHING. Everyone needs this. You will laugh and cry. The only word I can use to describe it is WOW. Thank you so much for doing this! It is actually life changing.”


“This was one of the most meaningful videos I have ever watched. Not only did I learn a lot about photography, but I feel like I really learned how to see. I so appreciate the raw emotion and realness that each woman showed. I also loved the opportunity to see Meg throughout this process too. Thank you, Meg, for sharing with us. I also loved the deep questions CJ asked. They really made me reflect about my own photography. My next step is to start to find photos that are meaningful to me and move forward from those. This is everything. Thank you to all involved.”


“This is such a powerful course. It is about photography and critiquing. It opened my eyes to see things differently. But the course was so much more. The lessons I learned in this course is spilling over into other areas of my life. Amazing course. Everyone would benefit from taking this.”


“I believe that it is so important to be able to see yourself on so many different levels through different filters and experiences. And to understand who you are and why you feel, think, say, do..... This is a powerful video that I feel is one of the best options you'll come across to get your wheels turning about who you are and what you stand for and how you will bring it all out as an artist. THIS VIDEO IS WORTH the time and funds. If you are on the fence, stop wasting your time being uncomfortable when you can be laying in bed watching this video and learning about yourself and your art on a deeper cut.”

— GIA R.

“This course isn't exactly what I expected. It's so much MORE. It offers a LOT to chew on, and not just for a few days, but for a lifetime. Each second was wonderful, but the ending of the last one stopped me in my tracks. Powerful, in a way that that tiny little overused word does not begin to convey. Thank you, Meg, CJ, Dianna, Melina, Max, and Jennifer for everything you brought to the table. I'll carry it with me as I continue to grow as a photographer, as an artist.”

— KIM F.

“Inspiring.... Amazing.... Worth every dollar!”


“Start here. I wish I would have watched this sooner. It really made me think of "Why" I was doing over what. Watching this helped me really examine the lens I view art and boy was that needed.”


“this course is probably the one that holds the most value in my heart. If you are looking for your vision, or style, as a photographer, person and artist, then this course is for you too!”


“I'm having trouble putting into words what I want to say but... I don't know you, Meg, but I feel like I have had a glimpse into your soul. I loved your work before, but I now I love you. I don't know how this will change my photography. All I can feel is how it is helping me grow as a person. Thank you.”


“This course will give you light bulb moments! You’ll see yourself in some of these students and will learn tips to push you forward. Sometimes you have to stop the video, let it sink, learn from it, then continue.”


“Umm AMAZING. I don't have much more to say. This made me cry for good reasons. I have finally accepted after watching this why I shoot what I shoot even though I am criticized by doing so. This has also made me realize that what I hate most and avoid I need to shoot more of. Lastly this made me thankful for my downfalls and I have learned to embrace them because they help my art. The best money I have spent on my career. Thank you xo”


“Wow, just wow. I don’t care who you are, you need this. Just trust me. I can’t believe how deeply this touched me and inspired me. It’s so easy to internalize what is being said. This is a very special course. I am not an overly empathetic person by nature. I do not wear my heart on my sleeve. But this has helped me to acknowledge things that desperately needed to be, and started me thinking about how to face them, and work through them with my art. I’ve never watched an educational video that has impacted me so deeply. The most revealing thing you will ever purchase. Don’t hesitate, just do it for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you meg and cj, this was truely special.”


“Absolutely needed to sit tbrought this. Needed to soak it all up and realize I had to wake up, dress up and show up....To me! Thank you Meg x”


“I had to watch part 2 again. I’ve not made any effort in advancing my skills in photography since Hurricane Maria., 09/21/17. My family has been stressed, pulled apart, relocated, tried, made to feel guilty, and even shunned because of life decisions made since then. After watching the second part, my fire has been refueled! Meg truly knows her Art, her Skills, and her Self, and no one can touch that. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Thank You for helping me get out of this FUNK! Peace to you all”


“Amazing workshop. It helped me to look harder at my own work and to discover more about me and my shooting style. I can see how I incorporate me into each thing I shoot now. I have also learned to look at others work to discover the deeper meaning behind it. So wonderful. A must have workshop!”


“If you want to be set free from the Rules, Fears and Perspectives of others BUY SOULFUL CRITIQUE <3 <3 <3 There is nothing to fear about watching it, it doesn't matter how good or bad you are at technical skills YOU STILL NEED IT! Don't hesitate.”


“Very, very moving....A lot of this hit home with me. Fat shamed, bullied and sexually abused which I put way back in my brain resurfaced! So incredibly real, raw and made my heart ache. I loved when CJ talks about Joy and that Joy means freedom...thank you”


“I bought soulful critique today and watched the first half before calling it quits to get in bed. I honestly feel speechless but also feel like I have so much to say at the same time. I am feeling so inspired, I related to all of these women in different ways and can’t wait to try some new things that I feel so strongly about but have always been scared to do. I am a new photographer who has been doing what others want and expect of me instead of what inspired me to start photography in the first place. I also feel like I found a new piece of myself watching this. If you haven’t gotten this workshop, please do it. It honestly is just a beautiful, raw thing. Thank you Meg.”


“I absolutely loved this series. The critique was fabulous. Really taught me to critique my own work in an entirely different manor. I would highly recommend this!”


“This is a workshop for EVERY artist, photographer or otherwise. I have been doing photography for 8 years now and have been going through a transformation lately that I was struggling to fully grasp and understand. This workshop opens up space in your heart and mind to explore WHO you are and how your ART gets to the core of that. I used to think of photography as an escape - a chance for quiet and purpose. I did not realize how therapeutic it would become for me. I've spent the past 8 years learning how to take a photo that would look like the photos other photographers were posting. I've finally figured out the mechanics of photography and now it's time to dive DEEP into the soul of it. <3 This workshop found its way into my life at the perfect time. <3 Thank you for baring your hearts for us to view and learn from. <3”


“Very raw. As someone who is brand new to photography it was inspiring to see what Melina has accomplished in 4 years, and what Dianna has accomplished in 2 years. I was amazed! It gives me hope and a big kick in the butt. I need to just do and I will learn through trial and error. I can't and won't be perfect right now and that's okay. CJ asked all of the ladies a lot of really tough questions. Questions that I can't even answer for myself. This workshop is very thought provoking. Definitely a great purchase.”


“I don't know what to even say that will do this justice. Just wow!! So raw and real, really eye opening.”


“So deep. This brought so many emotions to the front for me. Thank you Meg for your raw, open self.”


“this fabulous course will offer different benefits to each of us, simply because it speaks to our hearts about our journeys and all of our journeys are different. but please, do something for yourself, your craft and your clients and buy this course. if you embrace the raw honesty and profound advice you will become a happier photographer who can offer more to their clients while your own satisfaction in your art will sky rocket - it's true, that what it's doing for me :)”

— LYN F.



“WOW!!!!! Just wow!!! Their stories, their dreams, their inspirations, their hearts, their within, their needs and wants, their pasts, their future, their "lets work on these and that" in so many levels and ways - are so relatable!!!! All of these really communicate well to my inner voice that I didn't even realized that I had about my passion being a photographer. My heart is so at peace, so refreshing! Oh man, thank you CJ, thank you Meg and thank you ladies for sharing. For the first time, in a long long time, I was trying to find out what kind of photographer I want to be. But after watching this video, I finally realized that its not "trying to be" but just "BE ME".”

— IVY D.

“You need this. Yes, YOU. Because everyone needs this. It is authentic and raw and true and wonderful. It is bravery and love and honesty and vulnerability encapsulated. You will cry. You will smile. You will feel- oh, how you will feel. And you will think to yourself- WHY didn't I purchase this sooner? And you will be forever changed, in a good, to your bones kind of way. Along with YOU, this is the absolute best. Combined with Journey, this is particularly meaningful. I am excited to see how much I can stretch and grow and find myself this year.”


“Wow! I found a piece of me in each one of these photographers! This is super powerful!! <3”


“When I purchased Journey 2018, last year, I did it out of a desire to better myself as a photographer. I started Journey late, then bought Soulful critique on the special offered to Journey members. The combination of the two has realy made me realise that my idea of being a photographer and what it means to be successful as a photographer is so skew. I have realized the need to find "myself" in photography and find out what I want to photograph for me and if I only do photography for me for the rest of my life, I am ok with that! I am thankful for this wonderful way of teaching us what critique is. Now for the journey ahead”


“Wow, I just finished watching Part II of Soulful Critique. I feel speechless and reflective but I want to write this review. I didn't sign up for this course originally as watching someone else's work be critiqued didn't resonate with me. I ended up purchasing it anyhow and this was just nothing like I expected. This was deep and emotional and vulnerable. I loved watching this and seeing how this really does apply to my life. The entire time I was watching this I just couldn't believe the things CJ was picking up on by studying these images and she ended up hitting the nail on the head time and time again. It really was amazing to watch this happen. I thank each of these ladies for letting themselves be open and real in front of the camera for all of us to see because that is when we can learn. I've just recently found Meg and yes of course I like the pictures that she puts out there and her editing style, it's beautiful. But wow, I have a whole other level of respect for her after watching this.”


“I have just watched part two of soulfull critique and I'm crying. I cry really hard and I laugh. That is the best thing ever. Meg you are the best. You touched my soul to the deepest level! And it was so inspiring, I saw my whole life watching this. It is incredible. Thank You for doing this <3 I love it”


“I don't even know that I have to the words to express what Soulful has done for me. I started out thinking things like 'my work isn't good enough' and 'I'm not good enough'. It's a constant voice in my head and Soulful has forced me to look deeper into that... into the whys of where those feelings and thoughts have come from. I kept putting off purchasing this, as I think many people have, because how would a critique of someone else's work benefit me. All I can say is that it does... at least it did for me. It will stay with me for a long time and I will re-watch it and push myself forward because of it. I can't recommend it enough. It may not benefit you and reach you the way that it reached me and countless others (although I believe it will) but... what if it does? Honestly... if you're on the fence, buy it. Watch it. Because, what if it does?”


“You have no idea how much I needed this right now. Feeling lost and frustrated with where my business is and where my work is as well and this series has just opened my eyes and made me ask myself the questions that will help me find the real me in my photography. Yes, I am a Diana, but I also loved hearing from everyone else about their journey and what hit me the most, was MEG. It may appear that she has it all and it is where we all dream to be as photographers, but even Meg struggles and is unhappy with where she is at times. I don't feel alone. Thank you for this series, so much.”


“Soulful Critique is everything to me. I cried. And cried. And cried. I identified so much with Meg and Melina in particular. I come to realize why I love certain images of mine so much, and others, not as much. I truly SAW and had a moment of enlightenment in how myself shows in my work and why I love shooting what I love to shoot. If you soul search through your photography, this is for you.”


“Thank You Meg! Truly inspiring life lessons from each and every one of you. I am not alone in my struggles and feel empowered to move forward, acknowledging my self in my photos, and to start posting them! Everyone needs a Soulful Critique!”


“wow, wow, wow, completely lost for words!!! incredible and amazing.... so many emotions I can relate to. I have learnt so much. Thank you ladies and thank you Meg for opening up and being vulnerable. I highly recommend soulful critique, it wasn't a class that I thought I'd enjoy but now I'm looking at everything so so differently!”


“Wow what can I say? This is a must see series. I have never cried nor laughed nor related to parts of this as anything else I’ve experienced. Thank you to all the ladies especially Meg for sharing personal parts of your life story that were no doubt were hard to share. I can relate so much to it. I just love how CJ is not afraid to ask the hard questions. Totally worth every single cent & more.”


“Wow, Just wow! I have no words to express the powerful message in pt2! Wow!”


“Well, I don't know if I"m better, or if I'm worse. I feel many things that were said. I am doing things much too literally and need to feel the passion that I had not that long ago...This is a very mind provoking series, and listening to each person's story makes you stop and think. That's a good thing. I will be thinking on this for a long time. Thank you for doing this.”


“There was something that drew me to like Megs work. It’s beautiful and amazing. I aspire to have beautiful captivating work. Soulful critique just connected the dots for me. I wasn’t just attracted because the work was pretty, it is... but her entire soul is in her work. The fact Meg and CJ created this workshop to inspire us and to drive us is beyond amazing. I never write reviews, because they are mushy. But I can’t get enough of how impactful this is. Maybe it’s cause I need it. Everyone in this workshop who poured their hearts out is inspiring and amazing. Can I use the word amazing one more time? Seriously, beyond motivated and thank you for creating this magical critique.”


“I just finished the 2nd Soulful Critique and it was beyond amazing! It has been an afternoon of tears and I so much needed that! To all the ladies who were apart of this. Thank you! You are each beautiful souls. Meg And Cj I hope you know just how much this series has meant to so many of us. You are all Rockstars! ❤️”


“Just started watching Part 2. Watched Meg’s segment. About to burst out in tears. So much of what she said resonates with me. Everyone needs to watch both sessions with these ladies. It will make you think about who you really are whether you want to find that person or not. Thank you all for putting yourselves out there to help the rest of us.”


“OK part TWO...oh my GOD so wonderful to see how all the ladies have grown and the directions they have gone in. I was crying at work watching this. This opens the eyes of those who are lost, can't find their spark, or simply just have questions of their own within their work. Once again, I find my self in each of these women and every time I watch (part 1 or 2) I learn something new. One of the best investments I've ever made, hands down.”


“This course is a eye opening course, anyone who has trouble finding the WHY or their motivation needs to watch this, numerous times.”


“SC Pt 2- A Photographers Psychological Thriller!! Hanging Off the Edge of My Seat! JK- But Not- So Glad You Did a Follow Up! <3 So Much Insight- If You Dont Own it Already, It is Time to Purchase & Relate!!”


“This is so beautiful. I saw myself in each of these women. Thank you Meg and CJ for helping us look within ourselves to pull out what lies beneath!”


“Lifestyle photography is something I’ve fallen in love with, but haven’t had the confidence (there’s that damn word - I need to drop it from my vocabulary!) to put myself out there. In complete honesty, Soulful Critique has absolutely, with zero doubt, helped give me the drive I needed to put myself out there to get some experience. I’m nervous, overwhelmed but so excited to pursue this. I never expected Soulful Critique to mean so much to me.”


“Loved this and the timing of watching perfectly coincides with important changes in my life. Everyone needs to watch Soulfull Critique and not just once.”


“It is amazing!! I started to think who I am, and how my work represents me. My work started to get so many compliments, because now I’m confident to show how I see the world. Never thought that a video can change a life for better!”


“Very inspiring and helped me to see some things that I was previously blind to. I feel more like challenging myself. Can't wait for part 2!”


“I finally finished watching this video and it is nothing short of amazing. I've taken many online classes, have received a lot of critique on my images from those classes, but this perspective was so different. Each and every person resignates with me and what I want to do. These photographers are amazing. You have to put in the work. You have to get critique. You have to be open minded and willing to learn. Don't think you know everything, because you know what.. you don't! You can be scared to really learn what will make you better, BUT it's the greatest gift you can have on your journey. I have a lot of soul searching to do. I will be re-watching this many times. There's so many things to think about that I either forgot, or put off, or whatever. Thank you all for being present and being willing to document your journey and critiques. I can not wait for the second part of this!!”


“AMAZING! I've been lost for so long in my journey of photography. This really makes me dig deep into who I am as a person and to transfer that into my work. I've been afraid of putting myself out there because of judgement from others. I have whole new look on that now. Pretty amazing ladies in this course. Thank you for exposing yourselves! Thank you Meg and CJ! Can't wait for part 2”


“I am very new and have never charged for any session but listened to Meg and bought Soulful Critique. I thought this might help me figure out what my purpose is with photography. I have only watched the first 3 sessions of this critique and am amazed! This made me realize that a lot of what I like in style relates to my childhood experiences. Some of the photographer's critiques hit close to home. Can't wait to watch the rest.”


“I finally had time to sit and watch this. It is mind blowing. My mind is spinning in a thousand directions...who am I , Why do I do what I do? I cannot recommend this enough...You need to dig deep, and see what comes up! Thank you Meg and CJ...I wish I could have been there, but I will still be happy to sit and watch. Voyeur I will be. Thank you for doing this!”


“Soulful Critique has forever changed the way I will look at photographs ... those of others and my own. I am not a professional photographer, but I found so much value in the thought process and "why" discussions in Soulful Critique. I am certain that as my photography journey progresses, I will revisit this and gain even more value from it. It is truly a gift that will keep on giving.”


“I really was not sure what I was going to be watching with this but I am so very glad I did. I am in a transitional phase of my photography and how it pertains to my life as a whole. This truly helped me see many things clearer. I cant say enough how beneficial it would be for any photographer to watch.”


“This is a MUST purchase. I could watch this every day and learn something new. Every photo you present tells a story. But it is not just your subject's story. Part of YOUR story is in it, too. With each picture you weave a sentence of you into THEIR book of life--that moment you captured--that story you told. That sentence of YOU depends on your experiences, fears, love, desires....That sentence is your soul's voice. Whispering in each frame. You cannot fully identify with each photographer, because their story is not yours. Find your own story by enhancing awareness with CJ's advice so you can find the "why" in your compositions. When you find that, you will tell a better story in the future.”


“WOW! I just finished Soulful Critique and I can't wait to watch it again.. and again! I think it is my favorite and the most valuable thing I have ever purchased from Meg. The approach, the communication, the true connection with all of these women and their images was truly amazing. I have to say that it was a great relief to see true critique. The kind of critique that understands photography is personal to each one of us. The kind of critique that is only meant to help you improve and understanding you are in the image. It is very rare to witness women who are kind to each other when critiquing their work. My heart is warm and full and I can't wait to watch it again. Thank you so very much!”


“I am truly fascinated by the way CJ looks at photographs. She really "sees" so much more than the surafce of an image. I love the way she critiques and speaks to each photographer about their work in a way that is beyond insightful and empowering. This is a wonderful class that encourages a person to know themselves and bring the uniqueness of their soul in to the work. LOVE!!!!! This is a beautiful class.”

— KYM G.

“I was sceptical about this when I first heard about it. How was listening to someone else's work be critiqued help me?............ If that is you are wondering then you are exactly the type of person, type of photographer that will benefit from it the most. It was like CJ was talking to me directly, looking at my work and asking me to talk about why I shoot what I do. It has made me think about what kind of photographer I am and what kind I want to be. Thankyou for the raw, honest and personal look into your lives x”


“Okay, I cried...........many times. And I also got very frustrated with myself while watching this. Over 8 years as a photographer and I feel as though I needed this opportunity with CJ Nicolai years ago. You could not have named this any better "Soulful Critique". CJ is truthful, yet kind and very knowledgable. I should have wrote down a lot of Aha moments, but that's okay............I can just watch it again & again. This has inspired me so much. Thank you CJ and Meg. <3”


“Where to even begin? Soulful Critique is life changing. I have watched dozens of workshops and while they certainly help you evolve techniqually, this will help you evolve as a person too. If I had to pick one course as a MUST HAVE for any and all photographers, this is it! Hands down. CJ is some sort of soul penetrating sorceress! Cannot wait for the next installment.”


“I think this course is absolutely essential to grow and understand more about yourself.”


“Wow wow wow!! I will be honest, I didn’t think I would enjoy this workshop, and I only bought it as Meg said that it would enhance our experience with “the journey” so I trusted her and bought it! THANK YOU MEG, for posting that! Soulful critique is my new favourite! I have laugh and cried and I’m not even half way through. Even if you are not considering soulful critique... BUY IT! Everyone NEEDS this in their life.”


“Just got done watching this. Amazing and so glad I bought it. A few things 1) I feel like I need YOU now! 2) I need to go re watch this about four times because I kept going into my head and missing things! 3) If you haven't gotten this yet and you're on the fence like I was-GET IT NOW! I felt like it wasn't as worth the investment because it was more an investment on myself and not 'the business'. It is so much. It is so inspiring. Its really about you in all facets. Finding you and what drives you. What you want to show the world instead of what the world wants you to show. If you're even thinking you might need this--We all do so go get it now before the sale is over!”


“I feel inspired!”




“I related to so much of that, one of the students more than the rest, but needed to hear so much of it. This was a great experience! Thank you!”


“Really great course! It makes you stop and think about they WHY behind your images. Not only that, it inspires you to step out of the box and create artwork that is inspiring and meaningful to you.”


“This is a must have! If you are on the fence, don't be. YOU need this workshop. It is beyond insightful for your own work. I have never seen someone give CC in such a meaningful way. The way that CJ could look at images and quickly be able to group them and tell about the artist was mind blowing.”


“In the first 5 minutes of the first critique I had already said "that one piece of advice was worth this entire video." followed by "No wonder I love that image so much!" and even "That's what I have been missing and struggling to find in my work.". This is the perfect course for you if you are searching for the answer to what photography means to you or are struggling to find your voice, brand and self in your work. If you are bored and stuck in a rut, or need to understand how to make your vision come to life this is the course for you as well. Because we can have the tools of post-processing but without the internal drive from our soul, we are losing out on the opportunity to show the world amazing creations.”


“I didn't even know I needed this course! I am just so blown away, I now understand more about myself, why and how I shoot and what that means to creating stories through photos along with how to shoot from an authentic spiritual and soulful place. This course is so extremely valuable and would recommend this to everyone!”


“I am new to Meg Bitton but have been really drawn to what I see. Oddly, I started with this course rather than the more technical purchases I made as something was telling me this was where to start. This started the conversation in my own head of who I am as a photographer and what I want to become. I admire everyone in this video for putting themselves out there to help the rest of us who could not be in the room with you.”


“I absolutely loved this course! I have such a new outlook now for 2018! Thank you so much ladies!”


“What an eye opener! I didn't even know I needed this. Everyone will take something different from this but the impact for me has been enough for me to stop and take stock of where my focus should be for me. It was really interesting that each person being critiqued were at different stages and had different styles and yet I could relate to each one. Learning technique is important but don't ignore this. Thanks”


“Just Bowled my eyes out ... I never realized how much my images said about ME! It is powerful and I will never look at my images in the same way again. I wasn't sure if this would be a Good Buy for me, BUT IT WAS! Thank you MEG!”


“This course has been a complete game-changer for me. There are almost no words to describe it. I saw myself in every single one of these women. I was immediately moved, but as the weeks have gone on, it has sunk deeper and deeper into my soul, allowing me to confidently make changes in my work. Thank you for this.”


“Another "Curl Up With a Hot Coffee" Video!! <3 So Glad I Have a Big Screen TV... Meg Has Been the Star Lately!!! :D I Have Such an Interesting Variety of Her Videos & Workshops & I Have Loved & Learned From ALL of Them!!! <3 Looking Forward to 2018!!!!”


“I don't normally leave reviews, but I often rely on them when making purchases. After reading these reviews, I was compelled to take a leap of faith and purchase. I wasn't disappointed. I've been in a photography rut for around 3 years, some months not even picking up my camera. After viewing this course I have my spark back. I finally realized why I was in a rut, and what to do about it! Because of this course, I decided to join in on Journey 2018, and I'm praying I can find a way to get into YOU. It's not very often I can say this, but this was life changing! Thank you Meg and CJ!!”


“Amazeballs! Exactly what I needed to hear at precisely the right time. Just magic.”


“If you are looking to take your work to the next level, this workshop is for you. If you are looking to have your work be a reflection of you as an artist, this workshop is for you. If you are bored with your work, this workshop is for you. Thoughtful, intelligent discussion that teaches you how to dig deeper. Very, very well done ladies.”


“One of the most eye opening, and soul freeing courses there is. I have had my work critiqued before, but never have I sat and watched a critique of peoples work, which touched me, and my own art so deeply. CJ speaks to the soul, she digs deep, makes you think about not only your art, but the why behind it, and what makes it work in the end product. It's not just about technique, or rules, it's about searching and finding within yourself, and making that connection to take you on the journey, your journey. Probably the best purchase I have ever made along my own artistic journey -”


“Amazing. Inspiring. Motivating. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect in buying this one. I already feel the need to rewind and watch again a few more times. It was very emotional and I needed tissues more than once. Perspective has shifted and I am looking forward to the future and being a more genuine, real ME. I am still a bit lost and not sure who I am. I feel I have a much better direction and I feel a stirring within that I haven't felt in a while. Thank you, Meg.”


“BLOWN AWAY! Was not really expecting the emotion or technical advice I got from watching this. Amazing! THANK YOU!!!”


“This course is something that I did not realize that I needed -until after I watched it. I feel like I suddenly have the key to a door that I did not realize was locked. This course digs deep and went far beyond my expectations. I highly recommend that you take a leap of faith and purchase this course. It is not like any other image critique that I have ever experienced. It digs deep and it is fascinating to witness. The information in this course is transformative and is critical to my growth and sense of fulfilment as a photographer. There was a little piece of me in each of the women who were critiqued in this course. I can see a path forward to using this information to take my own work to new levels. I can start implementing today. Thank you for having the courage to create and to share this incredibly authentic and insightful course.”


“Loved it! Gonna have to watch that again now. I've worked with Meg before but never CJ and I knew this course would be worth every penny. I need to shoot some personal work, very inspiring.”


“This really helped me a lot and it really touches on the deeper issues that when have with our art and how we connect with people. Very eye opening”


“This workshop is the most valuable workshop I own that speaks to me as an artist. If you are prepared to be real with yourself and view yourself and your work from a different angle, this is the workshop for you! To me, it is a must have. Thank you CJ and Meg for speaking to my soul and helping me get on the path to bridge me and the work I desire to put out.”


“WOW! WOW! WOW! This video provided more then technical advice. It moved me. I have a new drive to want to find me and what makes me happiest when shooting and not to care about what those uneducated people have to say about it.”


“Wow...just wow. Soulful Critique is like standing in front of a crowd, naked. It's so raw. CJ does such an amazing job getting into the soul of each artist. It's uncomfortable at times and will make you look at your images and YOURSELF in a whole new way. If you are ready to challenge yourself as an artist, this is the video to get.”


“This single course is by far THE most valuable course I have EVER purchased through Meg . I'm not going to admit to how many videos/tutorials or classes that I have purchased searching for answers to what is missing in the images I don't connect with but are technically sound. THIS is exactly what I've been searching for, and needed. Goosebumps, Tears and many AH HA moments were shared from a distance while watching this series. Thank you for opening my eyes by sharing all of your hearts. What a fantastic view on art and how it connects to each of us. Thank you to each of you ladies for sharing your soul!”