Soulful Critique: Meg’s Journey Home

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Soulful Critique: Meg’s Journey Home

CJ and I set out to find my Edge, to push me out of the shadows where I have been hiding in plain sight. What we found was a path back to my center, to a door that had previously been locked. We chose to open it.

This is Meg’s Journey Home.

28 Reviews for Soulful Critique: Meg’s Journey Home

“I just want you to know that some of us have always understood you were just telling your story. Art is always a reflection of what is inside of us. We show what we know, we show what we have been through and it's almost like giving birth to the most private parts of ourselves. People will misunderstand and will also cast their ugliness or their own trauma onto your truth, that's to be expected. But there are also people who love and appreciate honesty so much that they could never not see what you are trying to communicate. I am really happy to have been let in to see your story from your point of view in addition to already seeing it in your work. And you have every right to speak your story in whatever way makes it real and genuine for you. If we can't do that with art then ( in my opinion ) why even make art? Thank you for being open. <3”


“Absolutely AMAZING. Meg is so raw in this video and you learn so much about HER journey as a photographer. Telling your truth sometimes is ugly, but tell it anyway!”


“I didn't find Meg because of a controversial image. I found Meg on instagram one night, laying in bed, and it caught my attention. Someone was telling a story, their own story, but through other people, that much was clear. That's what made me buy in. Ever listened to a song that you love on repeat, over and over again, and try to figure out what the artist was saying? What THEY were saying, not what they wanted people to think they were saying. IF you can understand that concept, then you'll understand THIS video. THIS was everything. It's everything for someone who has a story, but isn't heard, but wants to be... without having other project their stories onto yours. BUY this. Every single ARTIST needs to watch this. Much love Meg... thanks for being so fucking brave.”


“Wow, if people need to listen to your voice and understand you as a person AND as a photographer, this is a true telling story! I felt myself in you in so many ways. Now, I need to tell my story...”


“Thank you, Meg, for being so transparent about your gifts and your struggles as a person and an artist. This is an exceptional learning opportunity for everyone. Everything is a story. Not everyone is in the same place in their story. Know your why.”


“Incredible sacred journey. Meg, thank you for being brave, honest, and real. You continue to inspire...”


“Loved it Meg and CJ. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing people to understand your truth. Onward. xo”


“I finally watched this and I will be watching again and again. What a beautiful, meaningful and impactful video. I am so glad to see the rawness the conversation come out and the truth of the photos come out. I think it's so important that we remember our work is not just for the clients, but also for us. This video has helped me come back to my why, made me excited to continue on my personal project of self portraits, and helped me be confident in moving forward with the direction of my photography and business. I highly recommend this video for anyone who is in a slump, has been feeling unsure, or has been put in a box and wants to get that push to kick your way out of it!!!! Thank you Meg for sharing yourself with us and I am so very happy I got to share in this journey. The photos of you are gorgeous and personal and I love them.”


“This is so beautiful! Meg you are amazing and I loved seeing you through your images. XO (((HUGS))”


“I loved this. Thank you for sharing your real, and your soul. A beautiful journey shared in an incredibly emotional way, and I am left so hopeful for myself and my own journey, as well as inspired and excited to see where you are headed Meg. CJ is incredible as well. Everyone needs to see this and add this to their arsenal on their way to their own edge and beyond. I just adore this. Thank you for sharing your heart.”


“I've been sitting here for awhile trying to process what I want to say and I can't articulate it properly. I've only discovered you in the last month or so and my changer! Meg's Journey Home moved me. I was crying within the first 10 minutes and I truly felt to my core the weight of what you shared. Thank you for your vulnerability and depth. I know I don't 'need' permission to create the things I have wanted to create (and haven't because of fear) but through watching this - I'm stepping over the line and 'F*** the fear.. I'm going to do it anyway. Thank you for the impact this has had on me! Truly honoured to have watched this. xx”


“Thank you”


“I am SO proud of you, Meg. I never judged because I always knew there was so much more. Maybe I didn't always understand before, but I do now. Thank you. Thank you for digging deep. Thank you for showing us. Thank you for leading the way.”


“This is about all of it. About every single thing I have seen and understood--and then realize it was not the truth I understood about Meg's pictures, but my idea of "truth", and how the beauty raw and realness of what her life and truth is stunning. I hope people buy this. I hope people watch this and say: YES. I want to speak truth. and then JUMP.”


“This is so POWERFUL! I loved it and you ladies are amazing! Thank you for this!”


“Thank you for sharing your story, Meg & CJ. It was both inspirational, emotionally raw and insightful. Hugs lovely lady! I’m so glad I watched this one! Strangely, not only did it give me an insight to (Megs) your journey, but it also made me “think” about my own. Sometimes words fail, but images .... can capture the essence and raw emotion, which brings interpretational meaning. Interpretation of any image is uniquely to each soul, some like it some don’t. kindness.... is harshly under delivered in many situations just like this. Continue to be the kick Ass woman, the visionary and the rock that continues to emerge along your life’s path. Blessings to you.”


“I remember the controversy over some of those images, I was there for that workshop and when I saw some photographers bashing Meg I stuck up for her like she was my sister! I was appalled at what people were saying. I felt like she was so misunderstood and people were jumping to conclusions about what the images were about. So, I love this 'conversation' with Meg & CJ. Meg is just real. She is truth. She does what she does, for herself. It's almost like her therapy. I can relate to so much of her childhood. And Meg and I are the same age so we grew up in the 70' and 80's. Not everybody can say they shoot for themselves. Many of us are shooting for our clients. This reminds us that we should also take time to shoot for us. Photography is my therapy. It keeps me grounded. I highly recommend you purchase Meg's journey home, especially if you are wanting to know more about the person behind the camera. Get to know her a little more.”


“Absolutely breathtaking. I tried to type up this big sweet beautiful review but honestly I don't think any of that could put into words what I feel after watching this. Im speechless. This was one of the most touching things Ive ever seen. Your story, your growth as a person, your STRENGTH to be able to get here.. amazing! Im so very thankful for you. This by far is greatest thing you've ever taught. Thank you again.”


“Here's the thing - Soulful Critique 1&2 are THE thing that I think was most influential of all things here on MBL for me. To see this full circle, with Finding Edge/Journey Home, it was like watching a movie from start to finish. Please, get all three Soulful's because I think your life will only improve upon watching them.”


“Meg’s Journey Home is everything! It spoke to me on such a profoundly deep level. CJ you are truly amazing in every way. Thank you Meg for sharing your story with us all. You are an amazing, talented beautiful soul. When someone really sees another’s soul is the most precious thing of all. Thank you ladies!”


“I don't usually review anything, but this hit me so deeply I had to. My heart goes out to Meg. You can see the pain and strength in her throughout this. At times I just cried with her. It was a good journey for me to experience as I watched. I recommend everyone watches this!”


“Everybody needs to watch this! This woke me up to so many truths. Inspiring, sad, happy, - so many emotions! I am breaking down the walls of my box right now. Thank you.”


“This was sooooo much more than I could have imagined! It was so amazing to see the depth of Meg's images and the deep truth and vision behind them. It is a lesson in humanity and a reminder to first seek to understand before judging the book by its cover. This should be a full length documentary!”


“I really loved this! Made me choke up a bit. I loved the honesty and vulnerability. Definitely gives you more of a look into Meg’s past and a better understanding of the art she creates and why it’s created. Just beautiful!”


“I loved this SO MUCH! I had to remember to breathe...Thank you for sharing your story, your truth, your past, your pain & your tears. This was beautiful!”


“Meg & CJ what a powerful journey. What a powerful message. Your story is uniquely you, but so many parts of it are parallel with mine. From the fire to the not being heard to getting into trouble, smoking at a really young age, riding in the back of my friends' father's cop car. Thank you for telling your journey. I can't wait to see where we go next.”


“Wow just simply loved it. Just telling your story through your images. Thank you”


“I couldn't wait for this to come out and I wasn't disappointed. Everyone needs this, no matter where you are up to in your journey. Thank you Meg for being so open and raw with us. By doing this you helped me more than you can ever know.”