Soulful Critique: Finding the Edge

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Soulful Critique: Finding the Edge

Every photographer has an edge-that point one doesn’t know truly exists until one reaches it. When the Edge is found it’s eye-opening and earth shattering.

Watch as Mandy, Sonya and Sarah are led by CJ Draper to find their Edges. It’s a journey not taken lightly and one that opens their eyes and minds to new opportunities and past roadblocks.

Let these three photographers help you find YOUR Edge.

Will you jump?
Will you fall?
Will you fly?

What will you do when you find THE EDGE?

3 Reviews for Soulful Critique: Finding the Edge

“"Nobody else can photograph what you photograph because nobody else is there and nobody is you in those shoots" This is what got me. I saw a bit of myself in each of these women and I learned quite a bit about myself and why I photograph how I do. I also really started thinking about the fact that I have been looking back on photos and have felt like 2016 was the last good year of photography for me. However yesterday I did a session and probably produced some of my best work that I have been happy with. I was forced to fully stop everything with the pandemic and I was forced to start looking at myself and why I've been failing my business and my photography. It's quite eye opening and this video has also helped in showing me where I can possibly go towards finding my edge. A must see for anyone who is doubting their work, doubting themselves and looking to have their eyes and hearts opened.”


“Most of my days are spent telling myself that no one could ever help me find myself...because I don't even know who I am. Every single time I watch this, Soulful Critique and Meg's Journey Home, I feel something. I want to push myself to do some soul searching. I want to reach out for guidance. Those are things that are unfamiliar to me. CJ, you are gifted. You have this uncanny ability to reach people on a level that needs to be reached. You scare a good way! Meg, you are an inspiration. I could never be as open to share myself with the world the way you are. I commend and respect you immensely.”


“CJ, you've done it again. 10 mins in and I had tears. The way you connect and really get to that place that needs unearthing is so powerful and moving. I had to stop the video a few times to really reflect on my own thoughts and answers to the questions you were asking these 3 incredible women. Two quotes I've written down in my Photography journal from today are: "No-one takes a photograph of something they want to forget" + "Look how beautiful my 'not ok' is". These two statements resonated so powerfully for me. Thank you CJ & Meg for bringing us into this depth filled series. I feel so honored to have watched this! xx Bekah”