Skyline Troublemakers


In this workshop I show you how to create magic against a city backdrop with a GROUP of children and a donkey named Freckles.

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Skyline Troublemakers

Spend a few hours with me where I will show you how to create magic against the backdrop of NYC with a GROUP of children. If you find yourself wondering how to style, pose and choose the correct settings when shooting a group, then this is for you. I will explain my entire process start to finish while you watch me spend the afternoon with all of my favorite children.

  • Segment 1: Pre-Shoot Lesson. Before we step out to the streets of New York, you will join me and and a small group of attendees as we discuss all the whys and hows of this business and how to find your voice and translate your vision.
  • Segment 2: The NYC Skyline. We will broadcast live from a New York neighborhood right before sunset which is my favorite time to shoot. I will demonstrate how I find and harness the light, how I pose and connect with groups of subjects. I will go over my settings and why I have chosen them. You will watch me work with individual in-person students while we focus on a variety of topics.
  • Segment 3: Editing. At the end of the day we’ll finish up while I demonstrate my editing workflow. We will conclude with the perfect examples of how to turn your vision into beauty.

We recorded this workshop live in New York.

5 Reviews for Skyline Troublemakers

“thank you Meg, learned so much and realy enjoyed watching the sessions”


“Great workshop! Enjoy seeing how Meg gives direction to all the subjects.”


“I love this so much! I watch it and listen to it over and over when I edit! So many helpful tips and reinforcement of what I eed to hear to push myself further! Really feel like I know you, Meg. You ave such a giving spirit. Thank YOU !”


“Love it! Tnx Meg”


“Perfect Meg! Worth every euro I spent on it!”