Single Image Review

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Single Image Review

This is SO SIMPLE. I believe I can offer you the simplest and most effective kind of image review.

Once you join the Facebook group you will submit ONE SINGLE image in a supplied album. You must submit your image by WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29TH, and on FRIDAY I will supply a video that reviews every image submitted.

I will address location choice, light choice, color choices, use of environment, prop use, posing, skin tone and post processing. I WILL NOT tell you how to fix it. I will lead you to water, but you have to drink.

Please remember, that often the most valuable parts of these classes is learning from the other participant’s images.

4 Reviews for Single Image Review

“This is a fantastic opportunity. Meg is so good with her critiques and so giving of herself. This is my second time doing this because I learned so much the first time. Very highly recommended.”


“AMAZING!!! This Single image review is incredible. Such a great advise to continue growing. I look forward for the next group review. Thanks Meg.”


“Great advice. Makes me want to shoot my image again and get another critique!”


“Loved it, I was a little scared to do this because I am horrible with taking things the wrong way and getting over emotional because I want to so badly get it but meg liked my photo and also her critique game me things to work on so thank you I would definitely do it again”