Simple Studio: One Light (Classic)

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I have a small, small studio (you will be surprised how small). And this recorded session will show you how I use it.

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Simple Studio: One Light (Classic)

Less is always more. My studio set up is as simple as they get. One light. One soft box and one 53 inch roll of paper. Then, all you need is this simple comprehensive workshop to understand how my preferred lighting is set up. I will walk you through a standard head shot session of mine from set up to final edit in this new recorded workshop.

I have a small, small studio (you will be surprised how small). And this recorded session will show you how I use it.

57 Reviews for Simple Studio: One Light (Classic)

“Since i already had classic, i also received the upgraded 1 light. just brilliant. Megs teaching has evolved even more, and i got so much out of this tutorial.”


“I don't even have studio lights and I have learned SO much from this course! Love Love Love!!!”


“it is great ! :) I just do not know what the white balance is from the first shot ?”


“I've had lights for several years and had no idea how to use them but after this course I took some beautiful portraits of my daughter! I learned so much, it was worth every penny. Stellar job Meg!!”


“Hi meg, I m crazy, crazy becoz I bought you ur product. You know why? I don’t have good lens to shoot, no studio, even no good laptop to edit the photo. In fact I am a beginner and don’t know much about photography. But still I bought the one light studio coz I could not wait to see it . Thank you a lot for this mind blowing product. ?”


“I have learned so much about posing and lighting from this workshop, and the edits wow this completely changed things for me. Thank you meg your workshops are Amazing x”


“Learned a lot from this class.”


“This is an excellent overview of shooting in Studio. I have watched this several times~ even though I Shoot in Studio regularly, I always learn something new.”


“This workshop was a game changer for me. I was always scared of shooting in studio. With the techniques presented I have been getting truly beautiful studio images now. Thank you!”


“Thanks a lot Meg! Great material! Excellent!”


“This course changed my life. It had a WEALTH of knowledge inside. If you are a beginner, or even if you have experience with a studio, this is course is a must have. From posting, to lighting, to back drops...everything you need to take the "next step" in your journey is here.”

— AMY P.

“I think what I like most about this workshop is Meg did not forget where she came from. When she told us how she was able to accomplish the wind blow, pre-assistant, that part kind of blew me back for a second. It reminded me that Meg was once where most of us are. Very relatable. The little tips here and there on how to accomplish simple things like that throughout the workshop feels very encouraging to know it is achievable without the high end status.”


“That was SO much fun!! Being able to see the young models, the beautiful clothes and then the plain tank top, the scarf was very cool and the editing was helpful to see Meg's vision!!!!!! I need to get a soft box and get set up! Thank you Meg!!!!!!!”


“Following the advice in this workshop has really transformed how I think about studio lighting and children's photography. I see now that I can offer something more meaningful and treasured than your typical kids portrait at the mall.”


“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I am learning so much and kicking my game up a few notches.”


“Game changer!! I had the equipment, just never thought I had the space. But with no excuses and a little bit of muscle to move furniture around, I have made my home a studio and it's just that simple. Meg really goes in depth with posing, she has a great sense of direction and way with her words. Just repeat after Meg and you got this!!”


“Great, must-have investment. To Meg's point, photography is all about light, so understanding all kinds of light - both natural (simple studio natural) and source (simple studio one light) are must-haves!”


“You should buy this when you are first starting out with studio lighting as it will show you what you are trying to achieve. The posing tips in this workshop are great as well. Even if you work with a speedlight you can still adapt this to your set up.”


“To be honest, this video is for people who have not worked with a softbox in a studio before. I was hoping to learn about how to choose your settings on your strobe. And how to do a white balance. And maybe some different lighting effects. But the description says its Megs Studio set up. And different studios do things different ways. I purchased this knowing it was Meg's way. So if you are wanting to go the technical route this may not be for you. But if you are wanting to go the shoot and see what happens, then make some adjustment route this is good. There is a lot of things to learn in this video if you do not already know how to photograph with softboxes. It will give you the confidence to stop wishing you could be a studio photographer and actually take action to try it out.”

— GIA R.



“First of all I feel incredibly inspired after watching several of her videos. This one had me reaching for my 70" softbox though and attempting a shot. First off I learned quite a bit about posing and lighting which was so useful. I managed one shot with my daughter and edited initially to how I thought looked great and my process before. I then followed step-by-step via Meg's video and couldn't believe the difference! I thought my edit was great initially but beside an edit using Meg's video it looks dreadful. I keep staring at it in disbelief. SO much learned, I can't wait to utilize all the skills learned for further shoots. This may just be the confidence booster I've been needing to jump into this professionally. I felt like I've been searching for that missing piece and this could very well have been it!”


“This was amazing and I highly recommend it. About 2 hours of footage, including edits, and it has helped so much. I've always been hesitant to do studio shooting because I didn't know how to pose, how to set up, and best ways to edit. Now I am informed but most importantly, INSPIRED, to do studio set ups. The equipment Meg uses is AFFORDABLE and EASY to learn. Just takes practice! Thanks, Meg!!”


“I love how simple and elegant the portraits from this set up are. I learned quite a bit just from watching once and plan to rewatch to make sure I didnt miss anything!”


“As with all of my purchases from Meg, this is an amazing addition to my account! I have learned so much. It's priceless learning for sure!!!”


“as with all of my purchases from Meg, this is an amazing addition to my account! I have learned so much. I've learned new things each time I have viewed this course! It's priceless learning for sure!!!”


“Super helpful. Love seeing sessions on both 53" and larger seamless. Definitely one to rewatch. :)”


“To be honest, I am surprised at how much I took away from this course. Going into it I thought I would prove myself right, that my small space was my limiting factor. Wrong! This is a perfect, one light setup which is now my goal for 2018. Once again, Meg delivers and helps provide guidance in an area someone is looking to improve in.”


“Me: Whhhhhhhhine... My spare room isn't big enough for a studio! Me, after watching this work shop: Shut up Tina, you have plenty of room, and your tiny backdrop... it's bigger than Meg's. Stop with your excuses! Thank you Meg Bitton!”


“I cannot wait to apply the lessons to my next shoot! So glad I purchased this class!”




“Totally worth investing your money into this workshop, It is very informative & inspiring.”


“Definitely worth it! I learned so much about posing, frames, time limit, camera gear and lenses. So far this has been my favorite video to watch. I love watching how Meg shows you how she does it....then takes each person and shows them how to improve. The post processing is great as well. I never knew how to make my black without banding. Excellent!”


“Amazing! Simply amazing! I can't wait for tomorrow to practice! I could watch this one workshop 100 times and still learn something new each and every time. Meg answered so many of my questions and teaches it in a way that is easy for me to can learn. If you have lights, no question, you need this workshop.”


“Meg walks through her lesson, her point of view and shows us how to shoot with one light. Since it's a class setting in the videos, there are other point of views, the students, and examples of how they shoot - as they learn. I found this very inspirational and learned a lot about how to pose and position models with a one-light set-up. Thank you, Meg!”


“From start to finish the best studio class that I have. I learned so much about lightning and simple poses that ends in extraordinary photos. Thanks Meg for all your classesnthey are all AWESOME.”


“A Few Segments in, & There is SOooooo Much Content, From Lighting to Flow Poses, (Even a Secret to Creating Movement in Your Images!!) & About Giving Direction to Your Subject, & There is Plenty More That I am Going to Continue Watching These Fabulous Video Tutorials!! There is Also the Editing Portion to Wrap Things Up!! <3 If You Havent Yet Purchased, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND That You Take Advantage of This Wonderful Offer!! With Each Video I Watch, I am Wanting to See What She Has in Store For My Next Purchase!!! <3”


“Learned so much on lighting and it was simple, loved it! Thank you Meg, and your models are awesome!”


“I enjoyed learning the ways in which Meg likes to edit a plain looking studio shot to have light and interest. In the past some of my images on a black background have looked boring but I now hope I can make them pop a little more. I also liked seeing real people learn the technique and shoot the young ladies as it can be much harder than it looks - great effort on behalf of the whole team. The little models are delightful girls.”


“This has forever changed the way I set up my studio for a shoot. From start to finish, this online workshop was a game changer for me. I've always loved shooting outdoors, but this gave me a new appreciation (and LOVE) for shooting inside a simple studio!”


“Thank you so much Meg.”


“This workshop gave me the courage purchase new lights and feel totally comfortable using them! Meg really makes it so simple to learn and I was able to create amazing images within a few days!!!”


“Meg's classes are amazing. I've tried for years to understand things she teaches in just minutes. I want every class.”


“so much info packed into this class. I could have wasted countless hours trying to figure this all out myself. Thank you Meg and participants!”


“Simple Studio is a total game changer. As someone who just got started in studio work 9 months ago, learning to use my lighting and how to best edit my images has been wonderful!”


“I can't recommend Simple Studio enough, education is everything and this will simplify your life! Very informative and easy to follow. A must have for anyone looking for a simple routine for creating timeless portraits. I cannot wait to try out these techniques in my new studio! Thank you Meg!”


“Best money ever spent on a class. The unlimited access has been a lifesaver and given me the ability to go back and learn something new all the time.”


“This has been such a help!”




“I went from not knowing anything about studio photography to creating beautiful portraits with this workshop's help. Everything I needed to know Meg taught me here, I recommend it 1000%.”


“I can't say enough about this...absolutely my favorite. A rare look at a pro doing what she loves. It's priceless, inspirational and motivating. Thank you.”


“Meg, you are the best. This is amazing !! Thank you. :)”


“I'm so glad I purchased this workshop! It's amazing what Meg accomplishes in such a small space! I learned a lot from this workshop. I will be purchasing another one in the near future. Meg is very easy to follow!”


“An amazing tutorial teaching everything from lighting, equipment, posing, style, keeping the child focused, seeing the live view of the captured images and editing the images from start to finish. Perfection! I had never attempted a studio image until after watching this tutorial.. Thanks to simple studio I was able to practice this same technique using window lighting with success.. then moved on to "cheap" lighting and had great success.. I loved the results I was getting so much I eventually purchased the recommended equipment to expand and continue practicing. Thank you so much Meg!!”


“Meg Thank You, 5 stars are not enough to award this video. I am going to go back and re watch. Judi Shea-Vaillancourt”


“This is amazing! I learned so much and even got confidant with studio photos.”


“I have taken many classes over the years with Meg and I have loved each one of them. Anytime I need a pick-me-up or new inspiration, she is one of the first mentors I turn to. I am loving the new online videos, love her style and LOVE HER!! Big shout out from Texas. ;-)”


“If I can give it 10 stars I would. I learned a lot on lighting and editing”