Simple Studio: White


Join me to see how to get the sharpest, clearest whites ever.

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Simple Studio: White

White! The lightest brightest color can be the toughest one to shoot! Join me to see how to get the sharpest, clearest whites ever. I’ll be using 4 lights and a petting zoo along with some gorgeous models to teach you how to make a clean bright backdrop with light! No more dingy, dull whites. Learn how to position your lights, and then turn them on and let them shine, as we make everything simply beautiful and WHITE!

13 Reviews for Simple Studio: White

“thank u Meg... love t”


“This was totally amazing. I am going to practice tomorrow. I think my issue is not using the hair light. I was so impressed with everything about this. I am also an animal lover who shoots children with animals. I was so very happy to see the care of the animals as I also make sure the animal's well being is top priority. So glad to see that Meg adjusted her vision because those piggies just needed to be held... hahahah.... Thanks Meg”


“Overall great workshop. My takeaway was the discussion on creating an even, in between white background rather than the blown out white I was taught to do for High Key photography. When the lights where being discussed, I was hoping to see how the hair light is suspended.”


“I am new to shooting in a studio but I know now that I am going to love white! This is fantastic information about how the light changes the background. Thank you!”




“I love this workshop! I have the lights but I didn't UNDERSTAND the lights...huge difference! Meg explaines things in a way that just makes sense. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


“This is an amazing workshop!!! I love the look of white but I can never achieve it without hours of editing which I don’t have time for. My white always looked dirty or gray. This workshop truly made it click and gave me my ahhh haaa moment with white! I can not wait until I’m able to achieve whites properly! Thank you once again Meg & your team for making such an amazing workshop that helped me understand exactly what I needed to understand ❤️”


“This workshop is great! Meg makes is easy to understand how to get the true whites you want without blowout and keeping detail. Furthermore, this is great in teaching 4 light setup! Loved this workshop, you can get so much more out of it than just shooting white on white!!”


“I love watching these workshops! this one is one of my favorites”


“I took a course on high-key lighting years ago but struggled with making it work without an infinity wall and in a small studio. I especially struggled with my kids and clients who have white/blonde hair. The high-key light placement in too small a space required clients very little wiggle room... not so easy with children and toddlers who would frequently stray an inch or two outside the window I'd created for "perfect" light. I have attempted non-high-key shooting on white but was left with a dirty-looking, inconsistently-lit backdrop. After seeing Meg's white studio edits, I decided to buy. It was a great purchase that gave me just the tips and tools I needed to get clean looking white backdrop images without a the high-key look that was way too exacting for my clientel. I highly recommend this video!”


“Super! Enjoyed it a lot. Will buy more lights to make perfect photos with white bck. Thank you Meg!”


“I love everything about this session! Watching the hedgehog had me on the edge of my seat to see if it would poke it's head out.....adorable! My favorite session so far! It was great to see how one movement of the light changes the background from grey to white!”


“This is amazing in every way! If you haven’t already bought it is awesome. So much to be learned from these’s more than just the lighting set up! Meg once again ..... outstanding!”