Simple Studio: Two Lights


More light, more subjects, more poses, more chances to be creative. 2 Lights mean MORE than twice the possibilities.

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Simple Studio: Two Lights

Join me as I show you how to take your ONE light Studio and turn it into something much more versatile! Just add one easy simple light in to your set up, just like the light in the original Simple Studio workshop, and you can take your studio portraits to a whole new level. More subjects, more poses, more chances to be creative. Learn how to work with your lights and modifiers and how to use a reflector to get that light EXACTLY where you want it to be!

See how I turn up the Glam, as I turn up the lights, and bring a new level of Cool to my sessions! Watch as I shoot the ultimate Rockstar Kids session, and learn how to bring that same excitement to your own sessions. Before you know it, YOU will be a Rock Star too!

13 Reviews for Simple Studio: Two Lights

“I am looking forward to shooting in a studio with lights. Such and amazing amount of information!”


“This might be my favourite purchase ever!!! <3”


“I liked a lot the the skin edit, mainly the smoothing action. Is it possible to have it?”


“Once again an amazing, interesting and lots to learn workshop. Meg is very patient with all the kids and she is so right, if you work with kids, that‘s what you have to be otherwise it won‘t work. Thank you. Can‘t wait to work that way with the two lights.”


“Wish there was a place to ask questions. I was wondering if Meg bounced the light in the soft boxes or as shoot through.”


“Little pink and sparkly totally cracked me up!!! I can't wait to start doing more of these for children!!”


“Seriously a game changer for me!!!! Watching this workshop taught me so much with light in and posing! One of my most favorite purchases!!”


“Great workshop! Thank you Meg for being such an amazing teacher. So very worth the buying!”


“This is beyond amazing !!! Thank you Meg for another great workshop. Full of Info and posses !”


“This is an amazing course even if you don't have two lights! It has a wealth of knowledge included. I think it is a must have for anyone who wants to do studio photography.”

— AMY P.

“Tons of great information. So fun to watch Meg working with the girls. These Simple Studio workshops take the intimidation out of studio lighting and make it fun to experiment and branch away from the "only a natural light" photographer way of thinking!”


“Great workshop and typical reaction of children which I like. I never get children who just sit and follow directions so it was great to see some of the kids wanting to go against and grain and how Meg just kept going until she achieved her vision. Lovely styling and colours, another set of tricks to put in the backpack.”


“So absolutely amazing! I never know how to pose numerous kids using little light! I can't wait to try this with my next family session! SOO worth the purchase! Looking forward to Simple Studio 3 Lights!”