Simple Studio: Toddlers

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Come along on an adventure in the next installment of my Simple Studio workshop series, Simple Studio: Toddlers!

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Simple Studio: Toddlers

Everything is an adventure to a toddler! They’re quick and impulsive, shy and sweet, cute and capricious. They may run away from you or run at you, and that can change in the blink of an eye. Working with toddlers can be very exciting and challenging, but it does not have to be frustrating. Join me as I show you how to step into their worlds and come away with magical images. Get ready to move and learn all my tricks for keeping Toddlers just where I want them. See how I let their personalities shine through my lens, all while working in a small space with simple strobe lighting. Come along on an adventure in this, the next installment of my popular Simple Studio workshop series, Simple Studio: Toddlers!


8 Reviews for Simple Studio: Toddlers

“This was a very useful workshop based on the Toddler's personalities. There were toddlers that ranged from crying meltdowns, to sassy, to silent. The ages varied greatly from pretty new to walking to almost a kid instead. What I gained from watching this was a better understanding of how to keep interaction going with either the camera or a prop and how that relates to getting a great final image. There were times Meg pushed to continue a session and times she switched gears or let a toddler have what they were crying for. If you aren't comfortable around young children, are unsure how to interact with a toddler, or aren't used to working with them this is a great workshop. It includes 1 edit, from the edit section of the store, and the rest would still need to be purchased.”


“Another fabulous workshop with toddlers. I used to get so stressed if things weren't going as planned, but now I just wait and let the child have time to be calm. It was so good to see the variety of energy and personalities of each of these children. Kids being kids as only they know how. Some sessions took longer and some finished quickly. It is great that Meg says a session will take as long as it needs to take depending on the child. It was also great to see how she uses her lights. I have a small natural light studio, and use speedlights in an umbrella or constant lights as fill at times. It was helpful to see how she positioned her lights too. I always thought my studio was too small to use a strobe, but seeing this workshop made me think it might be possible. Thank you Meg.”


“Loved it !”


“Lover it”


“Thank you so much Meg for this workshop. You have no idea how much more confident I feel shooting toddlers now. I used to panic when’s they would melt down. Now you’ve shown me some great tools to overcome those situations. Your an awesome teacher!”


“Always learn lots watching your sessions, Meg. Your box of tricks to keep their them. I use yogurt drops instead of color and little ones love them (So do the moms). I love that white star ball.... what an awesome prop....good for boys and girls.”


“This workshop showed the full range of toddler personalities and behaviors. I loved watching how Meg interacted with each of the children and pulled from her bag of tricks to engage and/or distract them in order to get the shot. This is a great learning tool for working with toddlers!”


“I love the connection Meg creates between her and the kids. She remains confident and compassionate towards them to keep them engaged in the session. Her use of light in the outdoor session was magical. I definitely learned some new ways to use simple props and light to create the images I envisioned and the images clients want to see of their children.”