Simple Studio: Not So Simple

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Simple Studio: Not So Simple

Watch as Meg works through several different types of studio lighting including: Rembrandt, split, clamshell and others!

5 Reviews for Simple Studio: Not So Simple

“Very informative! Meg makes different lighting patterns easy to understand. Thank you, Meg!!!”


“Omg! I love this! Its quick and its straight to the point! Love the PDF guide with it! Meg you are amazing! You have help me so much! I am more confident now! Thank you for all that you do!”


“Oh My Gaaaaaad! This was the most “NO BS” lighting tutorial ever! Seriously Meg​​ this was amazing! I have tried time and time again to learn these different lighting patterns but it’s always hours of crap that just boars! Thank you for making this “not so simple studio”......SIMPLE and TO THE POINT!”


“Short and to the point! Meg is my go to when I want to learn anything with out the "fluff". Lighting styles, how to achieve them, what to look for! Thank you!”


“Short but full of information! I've been wanting to understand the different lighting styles and how to achieve them and this video summed it up perfectly. It's clear, direct and extremely helpful.”