Newborn Studio: Wrapping

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Welcome to the next in our Newborn series. Join Niki as she takes you through nine newborn wrapping techniques, from simple to complex.

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Newborn Studio: Wrapping

Simple Studio is our very popular Studio Photography series. Welcome to the next edition of the Simple Studio series, Simple Studio: Newborn Wrapping. Join Niki as she takes you through nine newborn wrapping techniques, from simple to complex.

  1. Swaddle Wrap
  2. Infinity Wrap
  3. Tucked In Wrap
  4. Side Lying Wrap
  5. Knot Wrap
  6. Snuggle Wrap
  7. Twin Wrap
  8. Stock and Box
  9. Buddy and Nest

No matter if you are starting from zero and learning to wrap newborns, or you just need to add some finesse to your existing newborn wrapping skills, this is the workshop for you. Whether you are looking for a full workflow, or a few posing add-ons, there is something to be learned by everyone. From props to poses, solid wrapping skills are a must have for all newborn photographers.

26 Reviews for Newborn Studio: Wrapping

“This was my first purchase here and it really made newborn wrapping click for me! Very easy to understand and follow.”


“You always get so much more than you expect when you purchase these videos! I am so impressed with how detailed Nikki always is. This helped so much in getting the baby wrapped the way I had envisioned. Thank you for taking the time to teach us!”


“best wrapping video ever!!!!”


“I've watched many wrapping samples on youtube and other photography webpages, and this one is by far the best and worth the money. Niki gets straight to the point, gives clear, concise directions, and I even love her then showing you how to pose the baby in that wrap and shows you some sample photos. If you're wanting help on getting a tight wrap, or how to do many of the most common poses you see, THIS Is the video for you!”


“Loved it, was hands down the best wrapping video I have ever seen. Thank You Nikki!!!”


“Hands down the best tutorial on how to wrap a newborn I have ever seen. I struggled with wrapping and this helped me a lot. It was easy to understand and Niki was great in how she taught the different wrapping techniques!”


“This workshop is a great resource for folks who are looking to step into the newborn ring. I bought this while pregnant & was able to use the knowledge I gained to get some wonderful pictures of my own squish. I highly recommend it!”


“Absolutely wonderful! Great pace, very thorough, perfect for anyone who is just getting into newborn photography or those who wants to polish their already acquired skills! Really enjoyed it!”


“I loved this video! Niki does such a great job teaching different wrapping techniques and poses. Thank you so much for all the helpful tips!”


“Thank you Niki, for sharing your wrapping techniques! It's something I have always struggled with. I have watched this video a few times already, and learn something new every time.”


“This was my first purchase here and it really made newborn wrapping click for me! I just had a session and my pictures were WAY better than before. In addition to watching the wrapping methods, you get to see the interaction she has with the newborns, which also helped during my session. I felt more confident! Thank you!”


“Very easy to understand and follow.”


“Love your tutorial - you're amazing. I do have a question unrelated to the tutorials - are you using seamless paper or a canvas? I love your drop - would you mind sharing where it's from?”


“I have constantly struggled to wrap babies tight enough to be snug and not escape the wrap, the comparison to babywearing and rails really made it click with me. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs that boost in their wrapping skills, it’s simple and easy to follow while teaching great wrapping tips.”




“Thank you, I have struggled with wrapping and your course was awesome, simple and I got it...Finally....looking forward to more of your videos. Thank you...”


“I have always hated doing newborns because I couldn't wrap them up and get them to look the way I wanted, so I quit offering them. But I have two nieces who are/were expecting (one JUST had hers) and the other is due early March. I decided that I may as well get the newborn series when they were on sale and I am so excited to try this again. You were the best at explaining wrapping and posing. I even had to go buy the bean bag and posers because it made such a difference in how easy it was to get the baby the way you wanted them to be. Thanks for doing these, Niki!”


“I had struggled with wrapping, even when trying to soothe my own children. Within the first 5 minutes of this course I had learned more then every YouTube video, hospital nurse, and “newborn teachers” combined. Both Meg and Niki are amazing and I never regret getting anything from them. Between this course and Q&A, I’ve done almost a whole 360 with my newborns. I can’t thank you enough!”


“Love love love this.”

— DEN G.

“This is my first wrapping tutorial. I am excited to begin trying these wraps and poses. Thanks for sharing your skills Niki. I am expecting much success, with practice!!:)”


“Keeping true to the "Simple Studio" name, Niki keeps it simple! These wrapping techniques are beautiful and great for newbies or seasoned pros.”


“The wrapping techniques shown by Nikki are a bit different to some other newborn tutorials and much better in my opinion. I've struggled with wrapping so far and I feel these tips are what I need to get the perfect secured wrap moving forward. Thanks so much Nikki.”


“Niki is a joy to watch, as she teaches these various wrap techniques. She has a sweet, gentle way about it, & I loved every minute!”

— .

“I am so enjoying watching this. She breaks it down to really simple, do-able poses that transition well from one to the next. I'm excited to give it a try on my two newborns this week.”


“No surprise here. Stunning work Niki! I have Simple Studio Newborn, and Newborn wrapping and I'm in love. Thank you Niki!!”


“Love!! It’s everything you’ve been searching for in regard to newborn posing. Niki does a wonderful job of teaching how to get that perfect wrap, pose, and shot.”