Simple Studio Natural Light


I believe less is more. Open a door or stand by a window. Learning how to use the light you find makes natural light as simple as it can be.

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Simple Studio Natural Light

No matter what, I always believe less is more. My natural light studio set up is all about finding the available light and using it to the best of your ability. Whether you  open a door or stand by a window, knowing how to use the light you find makes the concept of using natural light as simple as it can be. In my original Simple Studio workshop, I teach you how to use Studio Lighting to achieve natural looking, soft feathered light.  In this class,  I will teach you how to mimic my ONE light set up with ONLY natural light. I will walk you through a standard head shot session of mine, using only available light from set up to final edit in this new recorded workshop.

16 Reviews for Simple Studio Natural Light

“I love using natural light, but I was so hesitant to try indoors until Meg showed me how in this video. Thank you so much!”


“I think it's great that Meg has made this workshop for those of us who, for whatever reason, want to work on our natural light skills. I am not afraid of studio lighting but living in a small home and using prime space in that small home for my studio, I don't have the space or the budget at this time for studio lights so this workshop was wonderful and just what I needed! She teaches you how to mimic the look of studio lighting with natural lighting and walks you through different looks depending on how bright or shadowed you want your subject to be. Great workshop!”


“As a photographer that wants to have an in home studio, I found this workshop to be invaluable. Since I'm just getting started and can't get lighting right away, this workshop showed me that I can utilize a large window in my studio for now and still get beautifully lit images. I don't have to wait to make my dream a reality! Thank you Meg Bitton!!”


“Well worth the investment. To Meg's point, photography is all about light, so understanding all kinds of light - both natural (simple studio natural) and source (simple studio one light) are must-haves!”


“I just can’t believe I waited for this long to grab this one! From all what Meg does here, this is one of the MUST HAVE and MUST WATCH for all the photographers out there! It covers all natural light scenarios, not only studio but any place with natural light. It can be applied to understanding studio lighting as well. I found it extremely useful, especially because I shoot newborns without using a flash. Mind blowing! Thank you Meg!”


“Simply amazing! This really helped me to analyze the natural light coming into my home and put it to work making beautiful images. If you are just starting out and want that studio look but do not have all the lighting gear, this is a great one to watch.”


“This one really helped me see that I can make studio happen even if I don't have fancy lights or even a space. I kind of knew it already but the reminders really helped me see things again and really think how I can make it work, and that that is what it takes - work.”


“Such a great workshop, simple, super simple but still so rich of information, tips and inspiration that it's suitable for everyone, beginners or advanced photographers. Every time I watch these videos I feel like shooting in my house and trying out different types of light. So worth the money! Thanks Meg!”


“This was amazing!! This is one of my favorite workshops I have gotten so far. I learned so much in this. This really helped me learn how to shoot in natural light. Im so excited. Thank you!!”


“Thank you Meg for every workshop that you do!!! This was a must for me since i am shooting natural light only for now. Learned so much....angles, possition , camera settings, light availlable at different time.... ahhhhh a lot!!”


“Just what I had been waiting for! I LOVED this one! Thank you so much for this!”


“This workshop is amazing! I learned so much and Meg explains everything in a way that is very easy to follow. I highly recommend!”


“amazing and helpful in finding the natural light indoors!”


“Thank you Meg! Your are amazing!? I recommend it is a must to have!?”


“I was hesitant to buy this one because I already had Simple Studio and thought it might be very similar. However, it was totally different. She took you around her studio space and utilized spaces that people might not always think about. It really reinforces that it isn't about what the space looks like, as much as what you do with the space. She shows you how to utilize a small amount of light coming through a window by the positions and angles you put your model in. I think it is easy to look at light but it isn't always easy to think about how you would put your model in that light to get a flattering image. You get to see a tiny bit of light and a large amount of light and how you can use them to make different moods.”


“I learned so much. It made me realize that the possibilities shooting indoors with natural light can be endless and not as limited as I once thought. Thank you!”