Simple Studio: Maternity

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One Light + Maternity. Let me help you find the most flattering poses to make your subject glow with the radiance of impending motherhood.

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Simple Studio: Maternity

No time in a woman’s life is as special as the time when she is carrying a child. In this workshop, I’ll show you how to capture that magic time and give your subject a memory that she will treasure forever. Let me help you find the most flattering poses and lighting and make your subject glow with the radiance of impending motherhood. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create beautiful maternity images. Just keep it simple, streamlined and tasteful. You can do it all with Simple Studio: Maternity!

7 Reviews for Simple Studio: Maternity

“love!!! now all that I need to is find a pregnant model =)”


“Love this! I don't own a studio, and this is SO wonderful for outdoor portraits as well. The same principles apply. I finally am confident and LOVE shooting maternity!”


“I love this video! Tomorrow I'll make my first studio session, and will practice all that i learn!”


“This was a great video. I really love maternity and it helped with posing. I am still working on my posing but it is so much better than it was when I started.”


“This course is everything you need if you are doing maternity photography! You don’t need a bunch of props or special fancy clothing for maternity, Meg keeps it simple but yet very affective. By following this course you will end up with an awesome gallery for your clients. Love!!!”


“Wow, this was amazing! I have so many of Meg's workshops but this was by far my favourite. The posing was so simple yet effective, with some tweaks to posture, angles and crops, the standard poses that we all know take on a whole new look. There were even some handy little tips that I have not seen used before. I love that there were no fancy maternity gowns, just everyday clothes and accessories to accentuate. I can't wait to put this into action for my clients and try out some new lighting techniques.”


“Amazing! Meg uses simple techniques to make the model look and feel comfortable for each shot. The setups were similar, yet the end results are all unique, making it very easy to fill a gallery for your clients. New lighting setups showcase how to change up the simple studio setup for new looks without changing backgrounds. I highly recommend this workshop!”