Simple Studio: Boys

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Boys. No fancy dresses, flowers, and glitter. Just me, my camera, and a bunch of boys!

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Simple Studio: Boys

Boys, beautiful boys! There’s no hiding with boys. No fancy dresses, flowers and glitter, just me, my camera and a bunch of beautiful boys! You don’t have to be afraid of posing, styling or shooting Boys. In this workshop, you’ll see me take boys of all ages and bring their real personalities out in my images. See how I capture a close-up, a waist up image, and a full body image for each boy, making each image unique to the boy in question, but giving you a wide variety of poses and options to draw upon when YOU are shooting boys! Learn how to make the boys that you shoot comfortable and capture them at their best! Let me help bring out the best in YOU too, with a little help from some Beautiful Boys!

6 Reviews for Simple Studio: Boys

“thanks meg, great videos ! My compliments for all the boys .. specially for robert, .. so much focus & concentration, really good job!”

— KIM G.

“Posing my boys is what usually gave me anxiety! I am ready to dive back in after watching this workshop! Thank you so much to everyone involved in this workshop because it was exactly what I needed!”


“This one is one of the best workshops! I love how you teach styling. I also love seeing boys of all ages and sizes. Plus I love your props and ideas for keeping it simple.”


“This was soooo good! I am a mom of boys and it can be a challenge. Thank you for the inspiration!”


“This workshop is great. It is nice to see something that is finally talking about boys and not having to make it hard or difficult to pose them. One of the best I have purchased. This workshop will definitely be used and come in handy. Thank you Meg!”


“This was the best workshop! I have been struggling with how to pose boys. This workshop has cleared up a lot of questions that I had, which was causing excuses to form. I especially love the clarification of how to shoot glasses to where there is no glare. Thank you so much Meg!”