Secret Garden

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Secret Garden

Emma Gray joins us as a Guest Instructor! Emma edits beautifully and in this tutorial she will show YOU how to use her tools and techniques to edit your own images!

Fine tune your editing skills with the techniques Emma teaches in this video!

1 Reviews for Secret Garden

“I loved this video. I see a lot of Professional Fine Art Pet Portrait Photographers that I admire, using these methods but without explanation. It is nice to watch it for myself. You literally are painting your portrait with colors and techniques. I do recommend this video for others as you have seen a lot of these types of edits on humans with Meg, but the coloring on Fur is different and it is interesting highlighting the way light hits the fur child. This video also brings awareness to thinking about colors that support your mood. I also, loved how soft-spoken Emma is as I watched this video in the early morning.”

— GIA R.