The Science of Photography: Histograms

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The Science of Photography: Histograms

Histograms are one of the most common technical subjects photographers want to learn more about! Learn how and why you should effectively read your camera’s own histogram and improve your exposures and straight out of the camera images!

Whitney comes to us with degrees in biology, computer science and robotics. While at university and as part of several robotics startups, she wrote code to control robots and their various sensors, including cameras. She also trained experts on how to use these robots in a variety of settings, from search and rescue workers operating in a disaster, to astronauts training on the seafloor. She worked for several years at an optical spectrometer company where she programmed spectrometers and learned the physics behind light and color at their most fundamental levels. Later, she taught Photoshop and graphic design as an adjunct professor. Yet, it wasn’t until after she became a mom that she picked up a camera for the purpose of creating art. This unconventional career path allows Whitney to bring to bear a diverse technical background that promises a unique depth to her work, while her skills as an educator allow her to explain it in a way that remains accessible.

2 Reviews for The Science of Photography: Histograms

“I have tried to learn this from a number of classes. This was the game-changer.”


“wow you blew me away I did not know you could do all that with histograms! MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”