The Science of Photography: Frequency Separation

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The Science of Photography: Frequency Separation

Learn to take the guesswork AND confusion away from using frequency separation in your editing workflow!

Included with purchase are SIX instructional videos from Whitney Minten that cover the basics of frequency separation, how to install the INCLUDED frequency separation action, tips and tricks of frequency separation, how to edit for painterly skin and MORE!!!

Whitney comes to us with degrees in biology, computer science and robotics. While at university and as part of several robotics startups, she wrote code to control robots and their various sensors, including cameras. She also trained experts on how to use these robots in a variety of settings, from search and rescue workers operating in a disaster, to astronauts training on the seafloor. She worked for several years at an optical spectrometer company where she programmed spectrometers and learned the physics behind light and color at their most fundamental levels. Later, she taught Photoshop and graphic design as an adjunct professor. Yet, it wasn’t until after she became a mom that she picked up a camera for the purpose of creating art. This unconventional career path allows Whitney to bring to bear a diverse technical background that promises a unique depth to her work, while her skills as an educator allow her to explain it in a way that remains accessible.

4 Reviews for The Science of Photography: Frequency Separation

“This was absolutely outstanding! Even watching the tech video, really helps to understand what is going on with FS. I love all of Whitney's tutorials! She really has an intricate understanding of PS, and what you can really do once you learn good techniques. I would love there to be a Part 2 of this tutorial going deeper into the video changing backgrounds and creating textures such as the brick wall! I loved that! Thanks Whitney!”


“I own SO many of Meg and her team's videos (seriously, don't tell my husband, lol). This one is AMAZING. I wasn't sure I really needed it, since I have Zero to Skin, and I've been using frequency separation for quite a while now, but I learned SO much.”

— AMY A.

“I have to say the transformation Whitney achieves is amazing, I love frequency separation and I really wish I could get the most out of this video. However, Im 30% deaf, I had my hearing aide in, my speakers full blast, and I just cant decipher enough to take it all in. Usually on the tutorials here I can see the tools that are being used and the settings, but Whitney's screen is all dark, and small, so I just cant make out what tool She is using where. Honestly the results are amazing, and I'd just about kill to watch this with subtitles!!! I watched about half of the retouch and had to give up. I have all of the Zero To series and Ben is so much easier to understand. I know this is my problem, but I think its worth mentioning.”


“This is great! If you are familiar with Zero to Skin, you will see that Whitney reinforces much of what Ben Willmore talks about. Whitney goes into very detailed explanations of the technical nature of light and explains in detail (similar to Ben) what frequency separation is and how it works. I am a bit of a tecnophile, so I love this geeky stuff! I admit, I was a bit lost with some of the technical explanations, but as Whitney explained the math behind the technology, it kind of made some sense. Whitney also covers a couple of tricks that are not covered in the Zero to Skin videos. There's so much good stuff in this product that I am sure I am going to be referring back to the videos numerous times! Whitney even covers how to add a texture to an image and how to remove a texture from an image, as well as how to remove wrinkles from clothing - these tricks can be very useful! I highly recommend this product!”