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Rosh Hashanah All in One Kit

From artist Jessica Hatlen
3 reviews

Course Details

Join Jessica Hatlen in an AMAZING way to use ONE PSD to create SO MANY different composite options!!!

Included with purchase is a downloadable Rosh Hashanah All in One PSD file with FOUR fall themed overlays (apple, large and small apple baskets and a white stool), four beautiful fall textures all layered on a GORGEOUS apple orchard digital background. The PSD also includes a guide to help you place your subject!

Jessica also includes a short tutorial walking you through how to use the All in One PSD to create your own Rosh Hashanah fall themed composite creations!


Product Reviews

3 total reviews
This kit is AWESOME. So many layers that you can use or not use - just makes it super easy to change the look. Thank you!
what a great kit!
So easy peasy. Love this