Reset: Vision


Find your Vision and Bring it to life. Take a step back and find what you’re searching for! Reset: Vision! Let’s make it happen!

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Reset: Vision

What are you trying to say in your images? Do you know what you want to say and how to say it? Come with me as we explore VISION. See how small changes can change the entire focus of an image and the story it tells. Find your Vision and Bring it to life. Take a step back and find what you’re searching for! Reset: Vision! Let’s make it happen!

15 Reviews for Reset: Vision

“As the "Mandy" of this Reset, you have to know that my review would be 100 stars because this experience was incredibly profound. Then upon rewatching it in this way, I get to be blown away again and again. Even having experienced this personally, having this as a resource is amazing. I still take things away from it. I check back in here from time to time, just to hear Meg's words, and to continue to learn how to push myself, develop my vision and TRUST MY VOICE. This is a transformational experience for me, and an AMAZING resource for anyone that feels they've lost their voice, aren't living/shooting authentically, not creating in a way that speaks to them. I hope that so many people grow from this and learn, as I have, how to dig deeper and find their vision and voice so that they can grow into the person and photographer they want to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Meg, for choosing me for this journey and for teaching me so very much about myself and my soul. This was my own "Soulful Critique" and it has changed me for good.”


“Meg, you are truly amazing from your style, to your knowledge, to your self-confidence. I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring teacher to help me FEEL something for my photos again. I've spent so much time trying to make other's feel something that I forgot why I started this journey, for myself. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with the world.”


“WOW this moved to my new favorite.. This is everything I needed Thank you Meg.”


“OMGOSH- AND THERE ARE EDITS INCLUDED!!!! :O Did Not Realize That Until After Watching!! :D lol!!”


“I Needed This!!! <3 Lost Interest in Photographing People Because I Wasnt Being Clear as to What MY Vision Is- & ALWAYS End Up Doing Work That Looks Like Everything Else Out There...Boring & Basic This Video REALLY Gets Things Clicking to see How Worthwhile it is to Create From OUR Visions Rather Than What is "Expected" of Us!! <3”


“I just finished Reset: Vision. I am blown away. I didn’t think I could find a workshop that compared to Reset: Focus, but this is right up there, too! If you don’t have the Reset collection, you need them. Each of the women featured in them are so relatable. I love how RAW these are! Meg is an unbelievably talented teacher. She is so patient and pushes you to use knowledge that you didn’t even know you had. Go push the purchase button!!”


“Really had me thinking about how I throw a session together and how I shoot it lately. I truly need to slow down number one. Also, I think I'm just burning out and this has me realizing I need to start getting inspired again and just shooting for me again. What a really good workshop for those who feel like they are a little scattered, a little lost and need to be brought back to why we started this in the first place. A must watch for sure!”


“Great Workshop and luved the way Meg led Mandy into finding herself behind the camera for herself not for anybody else. I really feel this was Mandy's souful critique and she did so well coming out the other end with a real positive feeling. Really enjoyed it and will definitely be re watching!”


“This is by far one of my favorite workshops. Mandy was amazing, I connected with her in so many ways. I am so glad she was open to letting all of us into her life. She was raw and showed her vulnerabilities. Thank you Meg for creating these workshops and being such a great inspiration to all that wants to better their lives through photography.”


“MEG, you are an inspiration starter! This was made for me. Mandy, You are not alone. I feel the same way. I cried at the intro, and at the afterword. Bravo, for the start of finding you.”


“Once again Meg brings key concepts in simple and relatable way. I love each one of the videos but I think this one is my favorite so far!”

— ELI B.

“AMAZING! I felt like Mandy was telling my story of pleasing everyone else in life except myself. I love this and will be watching it over and over again to help me get beyond my fears and be able to visualize what it is I want, not only in my images, but in everyday life.”


“Powerful & Relatable! When Mandy says she felt like she's been photographing for "them", my heart sank! So true! It's time to photograph for me, my vision, no more being who ppl want me to be! Thank you for sharing Mandy! Beautiful transformation!!”


“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! This one, is one of my favorites. It gets you thinking and realizing, its my soulful critique. It's how I feel, how I think, how I struggle. Truly amazing, it's a must have!”


“I truly can't wait!! This is so important!! Go and get yours!”