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Follow my simple guidelines for posing and create images that are timeless! Take a moment to Reset your thoughts and join me for RESET: Posing! Let…

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Reset: Posing

Posing is so essential to making your image tell the RIGHT story. You can have all of the right elements and styling, but if the subjects are not properly posed, the story will fall apart. The good news is that posing is NOT HARD. Join me as I teach you some simple rules and show you some things to look for which will let YOU control the story in your image. See how the pose of your subject translates into emotional impact on the viewer, and learn how to control that emotion with tiny changes in position. Follow my simple guidelines for posing and create images that are timeless! Take a moment to Reset your thoughts and join me for RESET: Posing! Let’s make it happen!

8 Reviews for Reset: Posing

“Just sayin.....Every course I purchase makes a "step" further into my photography journey!! But....on a sad note now I need a FOG MACHINE!! lol lol”


“What I most got out of Reset: Posing was seeing the difference in Meg's vision and Melissa's vision. Instead of Meg shooting and then sharing with Melissa, we got to experience Melissa's vision first, Meg's second, and Melissa's newly-gained-knowledge vision last. For me, that process allowed me to see growth and change in "real-time" and gain my own knowledge. This is not like Posing Bootcamp however; it is not going to have an abundance of information about different poses and what to do/not to do. Melissa has complete freedom to pose as she wishes, as does Meg. You can still learn about posing in this course, and there are many non-posing tips that I found very helpful. (Including now obtaining a hand-held leaf blower) Rated 4/5 due to less posing tips/suggestions than expected compared to bootcamp but no complaints outside of that.”


“I almost didn't purchase this as well, because I did the April Posing Bootcamp, and wasn't sure what else this could teach (not that I'm an expert by any means, I just thought I had this topic covered as far as buying videos) - but what I was missing was how differently this teaches! Reset: Posing is excellent - seeing how a student does it, then seeing the improvements Meg makes on every scene and pose, with great explanations, really helps it hit home, and shows so clearly how to notice and adjust all of the little details to get it right before shooting. I'm not even very interested in shooting stylized children's portraits, but the lessons here apply to so many other types of shoots. Another amazing Workshop, thank you Meg!!”


“Wow! I loved this. Just a small movement can change the whole look and feel of a image. I wanna go get some sparklers and flowers and head to the woods!”


“I got so much out of this course! I can not thank Meg enough for her insight, and willingness to share her knowledge and watching her train with such patients. WOW, Thank you!”


“Great instruction on posing, I enjoyed watching this course and gained a lot.......aha moments on light.”


“Reset:Posing is amazing! I almost didn't purchase this video because I had already purchased the April Bootcamp and thought it would be much the same. I was so wrong! I am so glad I didn't miss out on this. I loved every minute of Reset:Posing!”


“Reset posing is great! Thanks team I can’t wait to get out there and practice xx”