Reset: Overshooting

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Join me as I show you how you can RESET your habits and stop over shooting today, in RESET: Overshooting!

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Reset: Overshooting

It’s better to be GOOD than LUCKY! A lot of photographers feel that they have to get a TON of shots in order to be sure that they got the ONE that they were hoping for. THAT is not the best approach though. When you are confident in your abilities and vision, you learn that LESS is MORE. You don’t need to get a bunch of versions of the same image in order to get the RIGHT image. You just have to shoot with intention and understand how to get the shot that you want. There’s no need to spend hours culling your images just to pull out that one perfect shot. There’s no need to have exhausting sessions that last for hours. You can STOP all of that, and get the images you want for your client without wasting their time and yours! No more overshooting! Join me as I show you how you can RESET your habits and stop over shooting today, in RESET: Overshooting!

14 Reviews for Reset: Overshooting

“This was meant for me! I always overshoot and then I DREAD editing the images because there are too many to pick from and it takes too long !”


“I can't believe I waited this long to actually watch this one! So many aha moments!”


“I had doubts that a few videos could help me change my mindset as an overshooter............. I was wrong! First Newborn shoot after finishing this series, only 110 shots in a 2 hour session, normally I would be at 300ish! Thank you Meg! Amazing!”


“I hesitated purchasing this one (not because I didn't want it), but because I bought so many others this weekend, and I didn't think that overshooting was too big of a problem for me. After watching this, I realized that overshooting for me was not paying attention to the small details, not waiting for the right shot, and not having confidence in myself as a photographer. I am so excited for my next shoot so I can practice not overshooting! This will save me so much time during shoots and during post process. This workshop is a MUST for anyone who takes more than a couple of photos per pose/set up, or for those of us who already know we overshoot. LOVED this!”


“Fantastic! I mainly shoot wildlife rather than portraits, and come home with way too many of the same shot "in case the bird flies off" and dread the culling process. Now to try to control my urge to snap frantically and slow down, only shooting when the bird is active or the head is in the right position. It is not really possible to "pose" wildlife so I must slow down and take advantage of the opportunity when it happens rather than "spraying and praying". I have learned heaps. Thank you so much.”


“Amazing! Truly amazing! The most helpful workshop for a beginner hobbiest! Thank you Meg. This was so eye opening I cannot wait to challenge myself with your formulas.”


“This is the absolute best. It is so good, i love it. If you overshoot (you know you do), you must get this.”

— KYM G.

“This was seriously the most amazing course! I got so much more out of this course than I could imagine. Not only did I learn not to overshoot and how to get the shot the first time to prevent it but also some little technical things when posing that become such big things. Can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to good use. Meg you are absolutely brilliant and so real.”


“I definitely overshoot and my problem is knowing when to stop after I've gotten the shot I needed. I'll get too excited and keep clicking the same pose from different angles instead of changing the pose/set. I loved this workshop. Meg gets into the reasons why we overshoot in the first place and offers a better way. This is perfect!”


“I OVERSHOOT!! Another absolutely necessary purchase! The Reset series of teachings are brilliant! I view with intent, I practice, I go back and view again, I practice.... I am now more observant of limbs and light and getting it right with intent! Thank you once again Meg Bitton!”


“I can’t wait for my next session. I would shoot between 500 and 800 photos in an hour not wanting to miss anything. This workshop was fantastic and exactly what I needed! Recommend it 100%”


“I always overshoot, no matter what I'm doing, landscape, birds, people, events, whatever I'm using my camera for and mostly it is for practice. I take home hundreds of pictures and I cannot deal with them, it is frustrating. I end up with tons of pictures and no time to cull them out. So much time wasted. I'm excited to take my camera and shoot with intention and take the time to think it through. Excited to use what I have learned, great lesson!”


“As I gear up to edit my most recent session I KNOW it will be the last overshot session I will have to cull. Thank you Meg for this Reset platform! Every piece of the puzzle holds its own weight in value but learning to shoot with intention and attention is pure gold.”


“LOVE...I just today delivered a gallery with 73 images. UGH! I knew when I was taking them that I would never get it down to the 40 promised. It was an extended family sessions but still over shot around 300. The entire time I was editing I was thinking, I can't wait for Meg to release the Overshooting videos ;-) NEVER again! Great stuff.”