Reset: Newborn

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Learn to understand Niki’s detailed workflow, including props, posing, wrapping, lighting angles and more.

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Reset: Newborn

Join Niki as she goes One on One with a student to help her become a more proficient and artistic newborn photographer. See how this photographer grows as she participates in a sessions which is shot by Niki and then follows that up by shooting a session of her own. Watch as they discuss all aspects of newborn photography.

Get tips on how to get the things that YOU want in focus, and how to pose the baby for just the right look! Learn to understand Niki’s detailed workflow, including props, posing, wrapping, lighting angles and more. Learn how you can build confidence and see the growth that happens from hard work and perseverance as Niki and her student work together in Reset: Newborn!

11 Reviews for Reset: Newborn

“I loved this workshop. I really felt, for what I received , was an excellent value! I love watching Niki work.”


“I don't usually give reviews here, but I must say a Big Thank You to Niki! There's not a whole lot I can add to what has already been said, so I would simply ask Niki to keep giving us those little details, no matter how small or insignificant you might think they are, like the positioning of the headband for example (loved it!). Attention to detail matters, imo. As far as the other big-ticket learnings go, I imagined being there with your student and felt nervous but also felt your patience and understanding for those of us new to newborns. Niki, you make me feel like this is totally doable...with some patience, dedication and hard work, of course! Oh, and thank you for the edits too. Love how you explain what you're doing and why.???”


“Thoroughly enjoying this newborn workshop over many of the other ones I own from Niki and other teachers. The little tips regarding the angles and positioning are what I was missing from the other ones. Love it. If you can only get one newborn workshop from MBL, this should be the one.”


“THIS is what I think everyone has been looking for. DETAILED instructions and WHYs and HOW's and best practices. While watching someone go through a workflow is great but there is minimal instructionals when done that way, some instruction and pointers, but not in depth. Niki covers the little details in this tutorial. Toes, fingers, legs, head positionings, and most importantly the WHYs and WHY NOTS of various things.(guidelines) What NOT to do with the lighting, best practices for angles, how to take a good photo to great with composition. And she goes in depth about various safety issues which is great! I have all of the other newborn series and this by far has been the most informative! It was great to watch the other tutorials and get ideas about a more efficient workflow but I found her often doing things and not really explaining them so it left me with questions. Or rearranging baby, or even something subtle like moving their toes or fingers a tinnnyy bit I at home found myself trying to look around the camera (HAH) on my monitor and I'm asking "WHY?!, how, what did that minor adjustment to baby do?! what are some good pointers to get the baby in that perfect squishy pose (like heel to crack is a good guideline!) I think it definitely helps having a student there, it helps the instructor teach someone instead of just talking to a camera. It also makes sure the student (and us watching at home) understand it more. It also gives the student an opportunity to ask or clarify things that we were also wondering here at home! Definitely hands down the first video you should get in Niki's series. Thanks Niki!”


“I have so many tutorials purchased relating newborn photography and this is a workshop I recommend to all beginners and proficient photographers. Niki goes in depth with angles and composition with the student, something that I always miss in other tutorials. Next day after purchasing this I had a newborn session and put into practice all the new things learned. I have also the Newborn: Client workflow, and I can't wait to re-watch it. After being on newborn photography since 2014, I feel I haven't reach the top of my learning curve and I love to keep updated”


“Niki! Thank you so much for the workshop! Im really in love with your workflow and your style! Now im more confident and the poses are getting better and better! Love from Belgium <3”


“A great workshop for both beginners or senior photographers wanting a refresher course. Niki definitely displays all the fine detailing that is needed within a newborn session.”


“Hands down, the BEST newborn tutorial I've ever purchased! Thank you, Niki!!!”


“This is amazing I learned so much. Thank you Niki and Meg!!!”


“I truly can’t wait for this extraordinary workshop!! You guys are simply amazing!!”


“I can’t even wait for this! Super excited!!! ?????”