Reset: Focus

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This is one of my MOST in depth workshops to date! Join me and let me help YOU bring YOUR work into sharp FOCUS today!

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Reset: Focus

This is one of my MOST in depth workshops to date! Join me and let me help YOU bring YOUR work into sharp FOCUS today!

Do you struggle with FOCUS? Having soft images is something that no photographer wants, but so many of us DO struggle to get that perfect, tack sharp look that we are going for. Join me as I take one student and help her to perfect her focus and give you important information that you need to perfect YOUR Focus. See how all 3 elements in the exposure triangle must be taken into account and learn how to balance them for the BEST possible images.

198 Reviews for Reset: Focus

“Hands down the best course I have purchased and watched to date. Meg works with a photographer that is struggling with focus and helps her to understand what she is not doing correctly. BUT she also shows how to make little changes to make the image more dynamic. This was such an informative class. If you are struggling with using manual focus, this is for you. There is so much information here! Thanks Meg for sharing your knowledge.”


“Good workshop for beginners who need to learn how light and ISO, shutter speed and aperture work. Even though I have a good grasp on these concepts, I still picked up some great tips! I would love to see the new photos Rebecca took after her work with Meg.”


“This is the go to for anyone struggling with exposure. Your knowledge and conceptual way of teaching gave me the “a ha” moment...I finally understand it”


“Love it! Now to Get out and Practice!”


“I love this workshop!! It is a game changer!! Thanks Meg!!”


“I've enjoyed watching this workshop. Thanks”


“i really thought i knew everything about focus, but the gut told me to buy this course. 2 sessions later, one in full sun and one in a relatively dark bedroom, and i was jaw dropping shocked and the extraordinary results. i am so thankful for this course!”


“The introduction alone is FILLED with information all photographer's need to know, along with real-time situations I think many photographer's have struggled through as they learned their cameras and the light triangle. Well worth the cost and something I would suggest to everyone.”


“I am becoming addict to your classes. Your work is so inspiring an beautiful. Great information. Thank you so much. A big hug from Brazil.”


“I am so happy I bought this course! It was so in depth and a complete game changer for me. I had so many "Ah-ha!" moments and learned so much!!! Thank you so much!”


“Wow!! This was amazing and I'm walking away with so much more knowledge. I cant wait to go practice what I learned.”


“Those who have been debating on buying this, just do it! Seriously this was just amazing.”


“Wonderful Meg!”


“I managed to capture catch lights in my daughter's eyes after watching this video. I almost cried with joy when this photo uploaded onto my computer last night. I am just beginning my photography journey, but thank you Meg and crew for helping me along my way!”


“Another fantastic course! So many great tips from camera settings to how to compose and photograph an image. I took a lot of away from his course, I cannot wait to get out and put some of that new knowledge to use.”


“This is by far the best purchase I made! I thought I had a great grasp on focus and realized quickly I didn't quite have a good grasp on it. Meg thank you so much for this video and your willingness to share your knowledge and talent with us! Not only did I take away so much information but so much confidence to be better! The session I shot right after watching this is the best session I have had! I recently purchased Reset Posing and can't wait to watch that one!”


“This is the first workshop I have purchased, and I was not disappointed! I loved how Meg answered each question, and how in depth she went to explain! I can't wait to get my hands on a camera some day and put to practice what I have learned! Thank you, Meg, and also, a big thank you to all the amazing people who made this video possible. It will not be the last workshop I purchase, and I can't wait to try everything out!”


“I took my sharpest picture ever after watching Reset Focus. This workshop is unbelievably good! If you are on the fence about purchasing this course, just do it! You will not regret it. This is a must have in your Meg collection. I related to Rebecca so many times watching this. Meg was so gentle and so helpful. I knew Meg was a talented photographer, but to watch her teach was amazing. I love her message, do YOU!! We are all perfectly imperfect!! Go buy it right now!”


“I can’t recommend this enough! I learned so much just practicing the principles Meg explained and the relation between SS, F stop, and ISO. I was amazed at how much things changed, just standing in one spot, and following where the light was vs. where it wasn’t and where I had my camera pointed. I now have a much better understanding of the triangle and what my camera can do. Thank you so much, Meg, for making things so much easier to understand!”


“I thought I knew, but had no idea! I have researched many videos on YouTube and none of them compare to this. Reset Focus is a must have if you want sharp and in focused photographs. Thanks Meg!!!”


“I will admit when I 1st watched this video I felt a little underwhelmed. I felt like I hadn't learned anything about focus. I thought it would go into great detail about where to focus, how far away for particular focal lengths etc. With it really doesn't. I know my camera, and my settings. So I felt like I was being duped. Until last night. About 1-2 weeks after watching the video I decided to set my camera like Meg does, and keep doing what I was already doing for my focus. Guess what, boom sharp images! I did get more noise than I like, but it isn't ruining my image, and I can still print a huge print if I wanted to with out losing detail due to the noise. I was in a very shaded area with the sun peeking though in areas, everything in my body told me to do something different than told in the video as far as settings. Which would get me exposed properly, but wouldn't of given me the sharp image I ended up with! Meg, I am in awe of you. And I feel like shit for doubting this 1 video after watching it. From now on, I will just listen, and do as you ask us to do!”


“Thank you so much. This was great and very helpful. Definitely worth watching.”


“Holy crap! It's now 1:38am here where I am and I couldn't look away from this video. It was seriously something of magic and power. I can't wait to take my favorite model out and take some shots using everything Meg talked about in this video. Rebecca was so raw and real about everything she struggles with and I feel the same way. I enjoyed listening to Meg talk about using the tools in front of you and really knowing how to work them. This was truly an eye opening workshop and I can't wait for more.”


“Game changer! The only thing I was left wanting to see was her images 4 weeks later. But wow what a great workshop!!”


“So simple. I can't wait to get out on my shoot tomorrow and try it out. Thanks Rebecca for your humble nature. Meg amazing once again. Thanks so much”


“This is a great learning tool. I've had issues with things being soft. Now I will practice and use these types of settings.”


“OH MY WORD!!! You need this. I've been in a business for over 5 years, this video is full of AHA moments. This course is great if you've just been in a funk and looking to get those "simple fixes" that make big impacts. Watching Meg go shot by shot through the process was so helpful.”


“This was the best thing I could have watched. I am blown away with what I have learned. Thank you so much.”


“A-MA-ZING! I have also been frustrated with taking photos that weren’t as sharp as I would like them to be and Meg’s explanations were so much easier to grasp. I found myself cheering for Rebecca when I saw her beautiful photos. The only problem now is that I’m going to have to invest in a 70-200 if I want to achieve this type of background separation in my photos...”


“Meg broke it down in a way that finally clicked. This one helped immensely.”


“This was exactly what I needed! It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from Meg. Everyone needs this one!”


“Thank you SO SO MUCH!!! This has truly changed my shooting entirely. Several lightbulb moments. I have been able to transfer what I have seen to sports and portraits and it is incredible!”


“WOW! So, so good! Meg is an awesome teacher! I love how she asks questions so directly, and makes her student really think about the truth. She really accepts no excuses, and after watching her, we shouldn't either! I can't wait to watch all her other videos, but I have to go practice shooting now!”


“I learned some great techniques. I've never put my 70-200 at 200 and left it, something I'll start doing, a wealth of information. I am so glad that I purchased but even more glad I finally watched it! I am looking forward to even more crisp and clearer portraits. Thank you both...”


“This is an excellent video workshop. If you struggle, get flustered, wonder what you are doing wrong, watch this, Rebecca is (sometimes painfully) relatable. She is real and the perfect "all of us" for this workshop. I felt like that was me up there-- fearful, flustered, overwhelmed, and unconfident. Meg is a tough teacher, but you can truly tell she cares about the learning. She really drills Rebecca so she can learn, and in turn allow the viewer to learn. If you struggle with not knowing how your camera works, changing one thing thinking its another, not getting crisp shots, posing, working in overcast light, and/or how to direct a model, then get this. I am frugal... so it is saying a lot for me to tell you to spend the money. I do wish, however, we could have seen Rebecca's solo shots after the workshop!”


“This clarified so many concepts in my head! I am excited to get out and shoot. I feel I have a much better understanding overall of the exposure triangle and usage of available light! Highly recommend this course!”


“I finally was able to sit and watch this video. Simple things were made so clear and Im now wondering why it took me so long to realise..thank you Meg”


“Absolutely amazing! Learned so much from this. I didnt panic today during a session bc I knew exactly what to set for my session and adjust accordingly to losing light!! I also learned to be patient and get it right in camera! Thank you Meg!”


“Hands down my favorite workshop! So many things were put into perspective for me and realizing that what I thought I knew and was doing good , really wasn't and I can do so much better!! I am so thankful for you and your workshops and the way you love to share your knowledge and help others! Truly incredible!”


“For me personally, this workshop was pure GOLD. I did have a good understanding going in on much of it but it still felt beneficial to go over the basics and see how Meg uses the exposure triangle in her work. I really enjoyed seeing her take her student out and shoot in the field elaborating on the reasons as to why she does things a certain way. It was truly helpful to me to see Meg out there doing what she does. It's very inspiring. Also, it really makes me realize that you have to face your fears head on if you expect to grow. Thank you so much!!!”


“Great course! I've read that people recommend, it as a beginner course. Well, I say yes and no.. there is still so much to learn. Even when you think you already know everything there might be something you still dont! Great job!!”


“Thank you Meg and Rebecca for allowing us to take part in this. It was an amazing workshop. I also kept hearing from people calibrate the lens is the reason for my soft focus. Well.... right after this I went and played with the diopter and paid more attention to the light meter in camera and wow. I have terrible eye sight and just the diopter itself changed everything for me. Total game changer for me. Thank you again”


“Thank you for all the videos you do - I had about 8 other ones I hadn't watched yet, but this one got so much hype, I watched it immediately! I'm glad I did. I can't wait to use this knowledge for my shoots this coming weekend. I hope to upload "user photos" from what we learned!”


“This was one of the most AMAZING WORKSHOPS I HAVE EVER WATCHED!!!!!!!!!! During the Outdoor Focus section at 42:24 part of the video I said outloud "fucking A" with the shot of the hat on Sam, Meg and Rebecca did. WOW I wanna go shoot outdoors now.”


“A M A Z I N G !!”


“WOW!!!! I learned so much from this workshop. I can't wait to use this information in my next photo shoots. Thank you for teaching us.”


“So much information in this workshop! Loved it!”


“OMG! Just finished this! Rebecca thank you for participating in this learning session with Meg. You made it so real for me. I love, love, love this session. I feel I learned so much. I will watch it many more times and get out there and put what I learn to use! Meg as always you keep it real! Love how you do not pussyfoot around but tell it like it is.”


“I loved RESET: Focus! I admire Rebecca's vulnerability and so appreciated Meg's approach to helping her 'get it'. The workshop was informative and the tips for focus, light and positioning were beneficial. Thanks Meg for sharing your talent and knowledge!”


“ABSOLUTELY FLIPPEN AMAIZING! Everyone should own this one.......♥♥♥”


“What a great explanation of how to use the exposure triangle! I now have such a better understanding for how to use these settings in conjunction with each other in various environments and lighting situations! Thank you Meg!!”


“So many questions answered. Game changer. Thanks Meg”


“THIS! What an excellent video. I am also semi confident with the relationship of settings but it is beautifully explained and your workflow has helped me calm down, think and then go ahead and shoot. Excellent for anyone struggling with manual, or understanding aperature>Shutter speed and ISO and their relationship to each other. Congrats to Rebecca for putting herself out there, I hope she knows she is not alone!”


“Hands down, best workshop I’ve bought so far!! Meg is so detailed and really breaks things down for you!! This is a must have. If you can only afford one, buy this one!!!”


“My secret hidden embarrassment has always been not knowing WHAT I'm doing, a little praying I get the lighting/focus right, and peeking at the back screen to see how I did only to cull my images and discover I rarely get a sharp focus image. THIS WORKSHOP IS INCREDIBLE. Meg is just an incredible, patient, helpful and knowledgable photographer and is able to make things make sense to me that literally NO ONE, no website, no article, no book has ever done for me before. Thank you Meg, once again for yet another incredible teaching tool. This is a no-brainer purchase. Get it. If you think you need it, you need it! 10 stars really.”


“This workshop was informative. Meg is incredibly patient. I don't know that I could have been as patient as she is :) Meg went over camera settings, which I feel as though I had a good grasp on. I enjoyed watching her pose and talking about reasons why she poses subjects certain ways (posing is my struggle) in order to optimize focus. I use to always shoot wide open till the last few months. It was refreshing to hear her explanation way not to shoot wide open and how compression works.”


“I literally lost count of how many Ah Hah moments I had during this workshop. This one might be my favorite yet. So many things just clicked in my head after watching it. It actually makes me excited about my work again. This is a MUST HAVE!”


“This is an absolutely Genius way course. I love when Rebecca is taking a moment and not answering with her setting when you all first went outside because it’s very representative of what I myself have felt multiple times when I’m feeling stumped and have a paying client waiting on that magic and wanting things to flow. And on another note when Meg heads into taking about workflow which for me was a reminder from another course of Meg’s “Magic In The Forest” when she shows you how you don’t need to fill up a great length of time to satisfy some quota that seems appealing to clients to pay for. I am committed and so excited to have invested in Reset: Focus and MANY of Meg Bitton’s other courses. You are a Gem! And I can’t wait to be in front of your lens with my family. ?”


“This workshop is everything! If you feel like your just missing something this is the class to take!! So great! She goes over settings, compression, angles, lighting. Everyone should watch this. Beginner or not I have watched a lot of megs workshops and this so far is my all time favorite. So much information packed into a couple hours Truly a game changer”


“Thanks so much I needed this , I know what I am doing wrong now!!!”


“I learned so much just in the beginning during the discussion. I found myself answering the questions Meg was asking during the shoot. I had several aha moments. I need to watch it again.”


“Meg, Meg, Meg, I’ve missed you! I love this video. I can so relate. I’ve been offline for awhile lots of health issues with hubby and myself. But I’m back!”


“This was a fantastic video. Rebecca, so many others can relate to how you were feeling, and the nerves and the lack of understanding of the camera. Thank you for putting yourself out there for us. Meg, your a great teacher, and your encouragement and patience a blessing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us and for helping us grow as photographers and as people to become the best we can be, doing what we love to do. For those of you on the fence about buying this video. Don't be, it's a definite game changer!”


“I literally smiled and said WOW when I seen the after photos, what a difference!! Absolutely amazing, so glad I bought this workshop!!! This knowledge is PRICELESS!!”


“Wow. Thank you , Meg! I have taken SO much info from this and cant wait to get out and apply it to my work. Thank you Rebecca for putting yourself out there so we can all learn with you! A must have video for everyone.”


“True eye opener I had so many ah ha moments i thought I knew my camera pretty well before but this workshop really made me rethink that and forced me to go out and practice more I can’t wait to put all of this information to use at future sessions Meg is amazing and so patient when teaching! If you don’t own this course BUY IT!!”


“i loved this one ! learned a lot”


“Amazing workshop!! I love how you make it easy to understand. You are an amazing teacher! I have learned so much this year from you! You are the best!!! :)”


“thanks you so much a totally change, after see the video i have a session and woooow the result was amazing”


“thanks you so much a totally change!!”


“So many light bulb moments. Meg explains things in a way that just makes sense. I cannot wait to use what I have learnt. Thank you Meg.”


“This course FINALLY made the exposure triangle click for me. I'm a beginner and I can read everything under the sun but I don't learn that way and I don't have anyone close to me that I could learn from in person. I know a little bit about my camera, but not enough to actually know what I was doing and to be confident in knowing how to get a sharp picture every time. About halfway through this it all just clicked and I get it now! My camera had been shelved for a little while because I was frustrated and didn't understand and now I'm SO excited to get out and start practicing!”


“Oh my goodness!!! This workshop is a MUST for everyone!! I thought that I understood the exposure triangle, and the light meter, etc. but this workshop really helped open my eyes. I cannot wait to get out and practice with all the information I soaked up watching this. Meg, you are amazing, and never disappoint. I am always left speechless after every video I watch. I cannot thank you and your team enough for all the information I have learned since finding your FB group. THANK YOU so much for sharing your skill and knowledge with all of us!”


“I love watching Meg in action so I could not pass this up for the introductory price. I started in film many years ago with a fully manual camera and a hand held light meter so I already have a strong understanding of the exposure triangle and focus with light . Even though most of the content was not any new info/ learning for me I really enjoyed the posing.”


“Wonderfully packed with so much information! The way this workshop is set up to explain one on one with Rebecca, a student, helps to present the information very clearly and multiple times for a more complete understanding. I feel I had a very strong understanding of the exposure triangle before this workshop, but the benefit of hearing Meg’s thought process behind her choices will help me with my own thought process as I am shooting. It is one thing to read and understand something, but it is a whole other process to be able to apply your knowledge while shooting with all the distractions of other people and posing, etc. Meg’s tips in this workshop go beyond just how to get sharp focus. This workshop is amazing! A must! I think this workshop will benefit almost everyone, but especially important for relatively new photographers!”


“I had so many A-ha moments while watching this workshop and realized what my mistakes were that I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes! The best workshop I have seen and it covers so much topics I can’t wait to go out to try what I’ve learn.”


“Amazing!! I learned so much!”


“I didn't really had a problem with getting sharp images, but bought the workshop anyways, and I LOVED it ! If you don't really understand how the exposure triangle works, and what you have to keep in mind when you have to choose certain settings, BUY THIS ! She also covers so much more in this workshop. I love how we got a little insight in her workflow while shooting a model. I love how she directed the model and why she does certain things a specific way. She explains how to create this really pretty bokeh. Meg is a great teacher, she explains things in such an easy way. Thank you Meg, for all that you do. You rock !!”


“Thank you so much Meg & Rebecca! I learned so much! Can't wait to see what your photos look like in 4-weeks time!”


“Awesome tutorial.”

— KIM M.

“I already had full understanding of the exposure triangle, but I still found this workshop really helpful so many other aspects. I think my biggest take away from this workshop was how light effects focus. That is something I hadn’t considered before and I think it’ll be a huge game changer. Thank you :)”


“This was a wonderful workshop! It covers how to get a sharp image with knowledge of light and camera settings. Meg is a great teacher! She simplifies this in a way that is easy to remember. Well worth the money!❤️”


“Watched this workshop today and WOW! Such a great workshop for any level of shooter. I have been shooting for several years and know about and understand how the exposure triangle works. But I've usually relied on aperture or shutter priority on my camera.. This will push me to go into manual mode and take full control. I am not afraid anymore to push my ISO so I can get the shutter speeds I need. Thanks so much, Meg, for this amazing workshop and your generosity to us all!”


“Meg, you look so damn awesome!!! Thank you for this workshop!! It is all the things I know and have been afraid to put into practice!! (And your patience and explanations to Rebecca were so amazing!)”

— SUE M.

“Fantastic as always.”


“I thought this was one of the best tutorials that I have purchased thus far (and I have a lot)! Meg really touches on each element of the exposure triangle and how you should work with them. Major kudos to Rebecca for putting herself out there and allowing us to put ourselves right in her place. She put her nerves and unfamiliarity with her new equipment aside, and let us see her understanding blossom right before our eyes! Her post pics were extraordinary! Meg, your talent and selflessness in your teaching is so admirable. We all can really see how much you love what you do! Thanks!”


“WOW!!! This was amazing! Thank you Meg!”


“Thank You My Goodness!!! Artistry is natural for me, however the technical side is not. This put me on the correct path to finally learn this for myself. I needed to be taught in this area and Meg provided in a way that I understand and can apply. This is also the first time I see the triangle relationship between the settings. It is taught in action...this is what I needed. Meg, you look amaze, you are amaze, and thank you ever so much for allowing me to learn from you!!!”


“Amazing! So much great information! My 10 years old daughter watched it with me and she learned a lot from it and she is just starting shooting in manual. Thank you Meg!”


“This is an amazing workshop for beginners as well as seasoned photographers. It makes you think about what you are currently doing and how you can improve as well as providing information that you might have thought you already knew but didn't. I am very happy I purchased this. Now I want to go play outside with my camera.”


“Total game changer for me! The lightbulb finally clicked and my images are now in Focus!!!”


“Buy it, watch it, practice it, do it--AMAZING. Thank you.”


“This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for the amazing workshop. So so helpful!”


“I think this will sum up how I feel about this tutorial - I immediately went in and bought the No Excuses - 50mm tutorial after viewing this one. I have a 35 mm and a 50 mm which are my only non-kit lenses, and I was consistently not getting quality images for a landscape shot or anything that I was further away from. The Reset tutorial has taught me that even though I thought my exposure triangle was correct and my light meter was at 0, they were actually not correct. Also, when people reviewed my photos and provided feedback, they would always come back saying I needed a higher or lower ISO, or maybe it was the shutter speed and I was so frustrated because when I took the photo my light meter was at zero so I thought the triangle was correct. This tutorial provided the information for me to understand what they meant when providing feedback, and how to correct it. I immediately went outside and saw improvement in my photos. Still have work to do to become more familiar and better at it; but so so thankful I impulsively bought this last night. Best impulse purchase ever. :)”


“Learned so much. Learning to use the light. I think that is one of my favorite things that Meg teaches.. Def watching again to take notes.”


“My favorite product thus far! Omgosh people learn your camera and read your manual before you complain about focus issues.”


“I am like... "holy #$%& amazing". It all makes sense now!! Your video was easily followed with your explanations and questions you had for Rebecca and what answers you were looking for from Rebecca, as you were asking your questions, I was sitting here answering in hopes I was correct and for the most part I was, thank you.”


“Just what I was needing to learn. Thank You!”




“This is such a great course!!! Thank you Meg :)”


“So much information is packed into this workshop. I can't wait to get out and practice!”


“Fantastic workshop! My aha moment was when Meg said that she doesn't go below 320 shutter speed with the long lenses she uses. I have been so frustrated with my 85mm because I'm accustomed to using a 50mm where I can get by with a shutter speed as low as 100 and still get sharp images. So of course when I tried to use the same settings on my 85 I was getting blurry images and I thought the lens was faulty. ? Also, I will stop being so afraid of bumping up my ISO. This alone gives me so much more flexibility. Thanks for educating us Meg!”


“Thank you!!! This is the ONE! This is the workshop that changed everything about my photography. A total a-ha, light bulb workshop.”

— KIM E.

“The information was good, but I wish Meg's trainee had a basic working knowledge of her camera. SO MUCH TIME was WASTED waiting for the lady to figure out how to change shutter speed or zoom in on an image on her LCD, and her major eureka moment was figuring out that she has a diopter. Some of that could have been edited out of the video.”


“This workshop brought so much clarity to my understanding of how to achieve sharper photos. I love Meg's direct delivery...she motivates me to push myself and gives me hope that I really can do this! Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge!”


“Just got through the introductions and have learned so much already! I can't wait to finish it up. I know this will change the way I approach my focus.”


“Already knowing the exposure triangle and my equipment, I purchased this video anyway based on reviews. Meg has solidified and simplified what I already knew. This video is so in depth there's bound to be something new you will learn even if your an advanced photographer.”


“Meg always says “read your manual.” I’ve read it over & over. It’s highlighted, notes in the borders & tabs marking frequently referenced pages. Until this moment I had so many goals I was overwhelmed. Meg, what you did for me today was give me the ability to understand light and how to utilize it with my camera. But, most of all you helped me redifine my passion and set a single achievable create technically correct images manually while using post processing to enhance my creative passion. Thank you Meg, thank you for sharing not only your art & knowledge, but also every little piece of you that comes out in each video.”


“Brilliant, such an excellent tutorial and workshop on the interaction between the exposure triangle and image quality. Thought I understood the exposure triangle which I do but what I didn’t understand is how much it can impact on your image quality and how to put that knowledge into practice. Now I know why many of my images lack optimum focus, the parts of the image I wanted well focused may not have been correctly exposed. Thank you for enlightening me.”


“Meg does more than discuss the technical aspects of your focus, she gives you perspective on personal challenges that might be affecting your focus as well, giving you the confidence to shoot and shoot well. A must for beginners, but even experienced photographers can benefit from viewing this. There's a takeaway for everyone.”


“A must for EVERY person who has ever struggled with camera settings! Magic. Magic. Magic.”


“Great Great Workshop, luved every minute of it, thank you Meg for holding this workshop and thank you Rebecca for putting yourself out there.”


“Wow! Just amazing Meg your a star. Thank you so much!! Xx”


“I LOVE you Meg Bitton!!! This is an AMAZING tutorial!! I haven't even made it past introduction and am HOOKED!! I can't wait until I have watched ALL of this tutorial and all the other classes I have purchased....Thank you again for passing along your love and knowledge of my "hobby" that I hope and will strive for to be as an amazing photographer as you!!! <3 <3”


“Truly blown away at how far her images came, in 2 hours of shooting. My jaw dropped at the images that weren’t even edited!! Incredible!”


“Wow!!! My new favorite! Can't wait to go out and practice! It was amazing to see how the photo completely changed by just getting lower.”


“Well...I thought I knew what I was doing ;-) I was going to watch just a bit of this tonight...2.5 hours later I just finished it! Great information...and the magic happens when you know what you are doing and your equipment! Thanks again Meg!”


“Great video explaining how ISO, aperature, and shutter speed all work together. If it wasn’t dark outside right now, I would grab my camera and practice what I learned!”


“thank you”


“This workshop was the perfect combination of understanding the technical side, but also the thought process behind your camera settings and why you need to understand the entire exposure triangle to get crisp images. I love how Meg encouraged her throughout to stop and think instead of telling her what she should change. I can't wait to go out and try what I learned.”


“Thank you for providing us with this very informative workshop. We asked for it and you delivered. I always so enjoy watching workshops that happen in real time with real issues, concerns and always have solutions to help us work through. Thanks again for sharing your talent.”


“This is a workshop for every level of photography! Learn your equipment, learn the exposure triangle, and go shoot something spectacular!”


“A lot of aha moments through out this video. Can't wait to use what I learned from this video”


“Full of ah-ha moments and easy to understand explanations this course is a must have for all beginner photographers and anyone struggling with focus and/or mastering their equipment. Can’t wait to watch again and employ all the things I learned!”


“Amazing. Something for everyone, newbies and those with experience. Meg just has an easy way about herself, the way she explains things. Never gets annoyed and walks you through it! Can’t wait for another shoot to practice the things she taught in this focus!”


“Fantastic Tutorial. All the little details that were discussed was so informative. I could not agree more, that most people don't take the time to learn the basics and then wonder why they can't nail it. Read your camera manual. Anyways, I think Meg does a wonderful job of teaching us every little detail about photography, and with each tutorial I feel more empowered to shoot in every situation. Thank you Meg.”


“I have watched and rewatched already. I learn something new each time.....thanks so much!”


“This is one of my favorites. IT is a MUST have for anyone.”


“Omg Meg. Amazing workshop. Love everything about it. Rebecca, I am so proud of you.. So much I learned from this workshop. But it also tested my skills. Everytime Meg asked Rebecca a question, I answered first before Rebecca to see where I stood with my knowledge. Highly recommend this workshop.”


“Excellent, in-depth instruction that is a must have for almost everyone. I knew that light did play an importance in image quality but until this video I didn't understand the level of importance it played in sharpness.”


“I was on the fence about spending the money to watch Focus, but I'm glad I did. It gave me a lot of insight into a few things that challenge me! I'm looking forward to taking it into practice!”


“I am Absolutely STOKED with this purchase. I Have taken so Much information from this course. NO REGRETS. Thank you so much Meg!”


“You might be thinking that you are already a pro with using your camera but you still need to get this because you will be surprised with how much more knowledge you can get from this. So many ah-ha! moments that are truly undeniable. This is one of the workshops I enjoyed so much. Great investment! Thank you Meg!”


“Wow! Just wow..... I love how Meg makes things Click and you instantly understand. Focus is something I struggled with like many others and would get frustrated and would put myself and work down for not capturing the perfect crisp image. Now I find the excitement to use the knowledge I gained to practice and see the growth I’ll be making! Thank you Meg!!!”


“ABSOLUTE.GAME.CHANGER. Everyone should buy this!”


“Wow! This was the perfect workshop for me as I am struggling with similar issues! Very informative. Will be working on everything discussed and looking forward to improving my photography skills :)”


“Thank you!”


“This is such an awesome and informative workshop no matter what skill level you are at! Meg is patient and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. This is one I'll be referring back to over and over again.”


“I love this and so happy to have purchased this alone with 3 of the 5 mystery courses..... can’t wait for the 31st”


“Brilliantly explained. So much easier to understand now.”


“Reset: Focus is a MUST and should be in your collection if you are someone struggling to get results with your camera. This is right up there with simple studio. You need to start here with these basics and let Meg help you to understand what is really happening with your images and camera!”


“This is such a great video! I've been hiding behind aperture priority for several years. I convinced myself I wasn't smart enough to make the decisions for my camera. I never knew how much I really did know...until I saw this video. I get it now. I'm ready to give it a shot. I hate the term aha moment...but I totally had one today. Thank you Meg. If you are on the fence on whether or not to purchase this...stop debating and buy it now. You will NOT regret it!”


“Lots of great information! Definitely a MUST to have!”


“Such patience. Thank you for this. My lightbulb moment for the clarity issue has finally turned on. (See what I did there?)”


“We asked, Meg delivered! I have struggled with focus from the beginning. I did not realize so man factors went into achieving sharp focus. In this course, Meg literally covers everything from start to finish. From settings, to why lighting is important, to examples and SO MUCH MORE!! This is such an in depth course and it is a must have!!!”


“Thank you for your patience! Thanks you for simplifying it. Heading out right now to practice this.”


“Thank you for your patience! Thanks you for simplifying it. Heading out right now to practice this.”


“Incredibly helpful, even for seasoned photographers. This course clarifies the importance of understanding the exposure triangle to achieve that perfect shot. Also, Meg's advice on reading your camera manual is a requisite for beginners and professionals alike. Another outstanding MB product I highly recommend!”


“Thank you so much for this!! So many things that I once found confusing were simply explained!! Absolutely amazing workshop!!”


“So I thought I understood the exposure triangle and someone told me that the minimum shutter speed is 1.5 times your focal length. I now realise that I've been using a shutter speed is far too low. Get this workshop... What a game changer”


“Meg asks us where we struggle, listens and DELIVERS. This reset video is evidence of her commitment to teaching in a manner we can absorb and practice. Read your manual, understand your equipment and get out there to practice. Kudos to Rebecca for her honesty and courage throughout. This is part education and part soulful therapy. This is a must have, do not hesitate to purchase and add this to your journey. Thank you Meg.”


“Learned a lot! Thank you so much!”


“Meg, guess what? Yes, getting ready out and will apply all I have learned from this workshop. So motivating! Thank you!”


“This is an outstanding and valuable learning opportunity for understanding how Meg uses the exposure triangle. Many thanks to Rebecca for putting herself out there so others can benefit.”


“This video was awesome and an eye opener! I highly recommend it!”


“WOW! I can't wait to get outside today and practice what I have learned. I have waited for this workshop to come out and it is amazing!”


“This might just be the best class of Meg’s that I’ve watched. I learned what I thought I already knew. Thank you so much Meg and Rebecca!”


“Wow! This workshop has taught me so much! The way Meg explains the exposure triage it finally makes since. And the best part is being able to watch her as she explained each step. If you just can’t figure out what you’re missing with your focus you need to buy this workshop! Thanks Meg you’re amazing!”


“I just got back from a weekend away when I watched this, and I had even mentioned to my husband "I love these images I took this time for once im not dreading editing them" Then once again I open them on the computer to find that they are not totally in focus.. looking over my settings I see what I did. I am the queen of high F stop and low ISO. Because I fear the grain. I also put my shutter speed very low before I will up my ISO. If you are a grain avoid-er like me I could not recommend this video enough. Personally, that's where I am limiting myself and destroying my own images. I cant believe the amount I learned just watching this through one time so far. I am excited to go out today with my camera and put it all into practice. Nothing short of amazing per usual, I am never unsatisfied with my purchases from Meg and her team.”


“Fantastic! Between Rebecca’s honesty and Meg’s conversational-style teaching, there are so many nuggets of information in here!!! For one, who knew LIGHT was the key to sharpness???? Who knew!!!?? Duh! Awesome video showing so much hands-on learning. Will watch this many more times to soak in all the info. Thank u!!!!!”


“Meg goes back to basics and teaches beginner to advanced concepts. She shows the importance of understanding your equipment and understanding the exposure triangle. She reiterates how important it is to understand and utilize light. She breaks it down to the most basic level but even as an advanced user I had many “aha” moments. This workshop was by far my favourite. It is so packed with information and I feel confident I have a better understanding of how to get my photos in focus.”


“Thank you so much.... Im watching and loving”


“This is one of the best workshops to date. I waited so long for this one. It was very informative and inspiring. Meg is an amazing teacher. I cannot wait to apply all that I’ve learned from this video & make my images sharper and properly focused.”


“Thanks for another great workshop Meg. Even though I understood the triangle. I loved the way you went about explaining the steps and can’t wait to practice. Lots of good info in this one!”


“First, Meg you look amazing!!! It was a pretty good detailed workshop to learn the right setting for different light, I really enjoyed watching it! Thank you.”


“I binged watched the whole thing after purchasing. It definitely is something that will help and I see myself watching it multiple times.”


“This is definitely my new favorite workshop, and if you struggle even a little with sharpness this is a MUST!!! I feel like overall my images are sharp and that I understand how how all the parts of the exposure triangle work in relation to light, but I still have shots at times that when I get home I find are not completely sharp. There were several little tips in this video that I think might be the reason behind those inconsistencies! I'm excited to get out there and see if I this new knowledge is the answer! Thanks Meg!”


“I couldn’t t wait for this workshop to come out and it didn't disappoint. So much knowledge! I could really relate to the conversations and see myself asking some of the same questions. Things I thought I knew were expounded on and I now have a greater understanding. Thank you!”


“I couldn't step away form this!!! Although I felt comfortable with the triangle, I learned so much about how one wrong setting can truly affect my focus. I can't wait to apply what I've learned today!!!! Thanks Meg!”


“This is an absolute MUST in your journey! This was my "ah-hah" workshop for sure. I know I will be coming back to watch this over & over. If you want sharp images, you need to watch this.”


“Watched introduction only and already learned a lot. This is exactly what I needed! It’s going to be my favorite workshop ever!”


“I'm not even finished watching this and the "aha!" moments keep coming! Very inspiring and just makes you want to get out there and shoot. If you haven't got this, get it!”

— LEA H.

“This video puts everything into perspective and proves that you can't take an awesome image if you don't know your camera and how to use it! Then, you can apply the camera's capabilities with your ability to understand how the settings you choose in the camera can work with the available light that brings an image to life! ❤”


“Meg this was truly a game changer for me Can't wait to shoot tomorrow and I want to come to your amazing workshop!!!”


“I love Meg videos. The simplicity of the explanation and the usefulness of the information is so absolutely perfect. All her videos are very practical and give you tools to go out, challenge and improve your skills immediately.”

— ELI B.

“OMG! So much information and knowledge. Everyone needs to see this. Thank you Meg”


“Loved this class!! Meg has a way of making things click. Focus has always been hit or miss for me, but now I understand more of what I need to do to consistently get those sharp images.”

— KIM H.

“There's always so much to take away from Megs' videos! You get a taste of styling, lots of posing, how to shoot and position yourself, and of course the technical aspect of how proper exposure affects focus.”


“Just watched this workshop and I think this may be my favorite workshop to date of Meg's. It is awesome and full of information. I learned so much from it and I have to say Meg looked absolutely beautiful and was an amazing teacher. Beauty and brains, Meg...thank you for being so amazing!”


“Simply amazing. I stayed up entirely too late watching this entire thing and don’t even care lol I cannot wait to put the information I have taken away from this into action! Meg, I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to teaching us, I’m eternally grateful!”


“I knew this would be fantastic, but it's even better than I could have imagined. Thank you, Meg!”


“....for those who struggle with understanding the concepts of iso, shutter speed and f-stop and how they work together ~ you MUST purchase this video! Meg’s patience, explanation & hands on instruction is outstanding! Grab your camera and put yourself in Rebecca’s place as you watch the video and respond to the questions as Meg is asking them when outdoors and also do the same during the introduction portion. You will benefit greatly by becoming ‘the student’ while watching. Another five star winner Meg! ( and be sure to check your diopter everyone!)”


“Sometimes it seems like things are just so complicated, until you sit down and watch a Meg Bitton video where it suddenly becomes much easier to comprehend. There were a few Aha moments in this workshop and I can't wait to utilize what I have learned. Plus will re-read my camera manual and make sure I didn't miss a single page! I can't recommend this workshop enough for any level of photographer who truly cares about getting those images truly sharp and looking their best!”


“This is, hands down, the best workshop ever. I learned so much! I thought I had a grasp on focusing and exposure, but I was so wrong. This lesson has given me a complete new understanding of focus. Thank you Meg for being such a great teacher, and so willing to share your knowledge with the rest of us! I cannot wait to get out and practice with what I’ve learned!”


“This is a must have for any level of photography! I have bought the book “understanding exposure” and still wasn’t 100% comfortable with it. This made it the triangle make 110% sense to me, and realize why my images are not sharp.”


“Amazing! Just finished watching and I can’t wait to be able to go outside and use what I learned here. Thank you!”


“I've only watched the introduction so far, but I understand the exposure triangle so much better already. Meg's explanations are so easy to grasp and she makes it so relatable. I'm definitely going to remember the 320 idea; I always struggle with shutter speed. Thanks again Meg and Rebecca for this very informative video. ??”


“This explains so much and really makes me rethink much of the way I have been taught. I will watch this over and over and I am convinced Meg is the photographer whisperer. Thank you for making things so much easier to break them down, figure out the problem, and how to solve it!”


“Game changer thankyou. I've learnt so much. I've identified Shutter Speed is my biggest problem and am looking forward to playing again with your advice. A must buy for anyone wanting sharper images. Thanks Meg”

— .

“Thank you so much Meg! I will literally watch this over and over. Everyone should buy this workshop. The very best $29 I’ve spent. ❤️”


“You are just incredible”


“Things I never thought effected focus are explained in this video. Thank you!”


“Things I never thought effected focus are explained in this video. Once again Meg did it! Thanks!”


“I haven’t watched this yet- just bought it about 5 minuets ago. But what I can say is that Meg’s videos are the number one thing that has improved my photography and editing in years. I believe you could blindly buy anything she offers and learn something that makes a difference for you forever. Best investment I’ve made for my love of photography.”


“Things I never thought effected focus is explained in this video. I actually thought i knew everything I needed about focus, but I was wrong. Once again Meg did it! Thanks!”


“I’m only 20 mins into the introduction and I’ve already taken away so much information. I now know I have had my SS too low when using my 70-200! Thank you for such an amazing workshop. This is one I’ll watch over and over.”


“Thank you so much!!”


“A truly game changer!”