Reset: Composition

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You can create amazing images when you join me for Reset: Composition!

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Reset: Composition

What is it that makes an image grab your attention? One big thing is the Composition of the image. How do you know the BEST way to display your subject? How do you tell your story and the story of your subject? How do you capture the viewer’s attention right away? What is it that sets some images apart and makes them unforgettable? Join me and learn how to bring out the emotion and beauty in your images by composing them with intention! You don’t have to live in a narrow set of rules that every other photographer follows. You can create amazing things when you join me for Reset: Composition!

3 Reviews for Reset: Composition

“What an amazing workshop! It was so helpful to see the examples of what doesn't work and how to fix it. Such an eye opener!”


“Oh, the things a learn from Meg, The most important for me is the why's. Thank you Meg.”


“I love all of Meg's classes! I wish I had a best friend like Meg that could SHOW me the way!! Thank you!”