Pumpkin Princess

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Pumpkin Princess

Lori Lesh joins us as a Guest Instructor! Lori edits beautifully and in this video she teaches how to use Photoshop tools to craft a work of art!

Fine tune your editing skills with the techniques Lori teaches in this video!

1 Reviews for Pumpkin Princess

“This edit blew me away! Firstly Lori paces it at exactly the right speed. Her explanations are clear and thorough. Frequently Lori explains her thought process throughout her tutorial. I found this to be so helpful as it enabled me to understand why she made the choices she did and how I could apply the same process to my editing. I learned lots of new tips about how to add colour using gradients to fill in background colour and add light. I especially loved that Lori showed several different dodge and burn techniques. The end image was divine, her use of colour is superb. I highly, highly recommend this tutorial. Well worth the money.”