Posing Bootcamp – January 2018

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Join me in January for Posing Bootcamp.

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Posing Bootcamp – January 2018 Includes:

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Posing Bootcamp – January 2018

Join me in a private group where we’ll work together to polish your posing skills.  I’ll give you feedback on posing YOUR subjects, plus ASSIGNMENTS to help you bring your vision to life.   I’ll be using some of MY images to help you find that Ah-ha moment that will transform your images to Works of Art!  Let me be the voice in your ear that guides you to be the best you can be.  Let’s get it in gear and get this BOOTCAMP started!

Every Monday I will introduce a new topic for the week. Every Tuesday I will be supplying a video in which I discuss THREE of MY images, and explain how and why I positioned the subjects as I did. I will give you instruction on posing your subject in order to bring out their best and bring their story to life. You will also be given an assignment for the week.

On Friday, you will submit your assignments. On Sunday, I will provide a video in which I will spend up to an hour critiquing the images which you have submitted as assigned. I will also engage in the group daily and help guide you throughout the process.

  • Week 1: January 15 – 19……………………..Topic: Single Subjects
  • Week 2: January 22 – 26……………………..Topic: Group of Children
  • Week 3: January 28 – February 2………………Topic: Family
  • Week 4: February 5 – February 9………………Topic: Maternity

Please be aware that not EVERYONE will have the opportunity to have their images chosen or reviewed, however, this is an AMAZING opportunity to learn from each other.

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of the Videos in this course.

There is NO requirement that you post images or that you participate in the discussions.  You are free to just read the threads and enjoy the videos.  We all learn at our own pace and in our own way.  You can watch and follow along silently, if that is your preference.

We will set up the group ONE WEEK before the Bootcamp starts. When we do, you will have to provide your email address AND invoice number in order to join the Bootcamp Group! You will be approved individually, BEFORE the bootcamp begins.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions and we will help you. Do not post on Facebook or PM us there. We do NOT check Facebook PMs.

5 Reviews for Posing Bootcamp – January 2018

“This might be my all time favorite class. It completely changed the way I shoot. It also changed the way I look at other images. Hand, hands hands!! You will never look at shooting the same way. It's a game changer. And if you shoot MATERNITY this is a must have. The hand position and arm/shoulder positions are so important and you will learn so much. No more "creepy hand, claws or penis thumb"! You have to get this course to know what I mean, and then you can't "unsee" it. Your images will be forever changed after this bootcamp”


“You will never look at a photo the same way again! If you can't see what's wrong with a pose you will never be able to make it right. Meg does a fantastic job of shaping your eye to see what the important elements of good posing are. She is such a wealth of knowledge and is so good at what she does. Do not hesitate to buy this class... you won't regret it!”


“I cannot express how helpful this posing bootcamp has been. Meg's instructions and teaching are easy to follow and her critique on our own images have been so insightful. Thank you Meg for being a teacher who is so inspirational and offering your guidance into our own art.”


“So helpful I feel like I am getting better and can see things that I should and will improve.”


“Posing bootcamp is so awesome.... At the beginning of the week you get instruction and then your assignment. You have the week to go shoot it and submit your best image for critique Friday night! By the end of the weekend you have all the images critiqued and I swear you learn so much. this is my third bootcamp on Meg Bitton Live and I love it! If you haven't done a bootcamp with Meg, you really need to!”