Posing Bootcamp – April 2018

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Join me in April for Posing Bootcamp.

Posing Bootcamp – April 2018

Join me in a private group where we’ll work together to polish your posing skills.  I’ll give you feedback on posing YOUR subjects, plus ASSIGNMENTS to help you bring your vision to life.   I’ll be using some of MY images to help you find that Ah-ha moment that will transform your images to Works of Art!  Let me be the voice in your ear that guides you to be the best you can be.  Let’s get it in gear and get this BOOTCAMP started!

Every Monday I will introduce a new topic for the week. Every Tuesday I will be supplying a video in which I discuss THREE of MY images, and explain how and why I positioned the subjects as I did. I will give you instruction on posing your subject in order to bring out their best and bring their story to life. You will also be given an assignment for the week.

On Friday, you will submit your assignments. On Sunday, I will provide a video in which I will spend up to an hour critiquing the images which you have submitted as assigned. I will also engage in the group daily and help guide you throughout the process.

  • Week 1: April 2 – 6…………………..Topic: Single Subjects
  • Week 2: April 9 – 13………………….Topic: Group of Children
  • Week 3: April 15 – 20…………………Topic: Maternity
  • Week 4: April 22 – 27…………………Topic: Family

Please be aware that not EVERYONE will have the opportunity to have their images chosen or reviewed, however, this is an AMAZING opportunity to learn from each other.

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of the Videos in this course.

There is NO requirement that you post images or that you participate in the discussions.  You are free to just read the threads and enjoy the videos.  We all learn at our own pace and in our own way.  You can watch and follow along silently, if that is your preference.

The link to join the group will be available on the course page once you purchase the workshop. You will have to provide your email address AND invoice number in order to join the Bootcamp Group! You will be approved individually, BEFORE the bootcamp begins.

Questions? Email us at support@megbittonlive.com if you have any questions and we will help you. Do not post on Facebook or PM us there. We do NOT check Facebook PMs.

16 Reviews for Posing Bootcamp – April 2018

“I had no clue what I was getting into when I signed up for this, and had I known, I probably would not have purchased this workshop. I am extremely shy and critical of my own work. However, I pushed myself to participate, and I am so glad I did. It was amazing to hear a critique of my images from Meg herself. This forced me to put what I was learning into practice. I have become purposeful in my poses instead of just hoping I get something good. If you can only buy one posing video, a posing bootcamp is the way to go.”


“This was fantastic! Meg taught in such a way that was clear, to the point and with achievable instructions. I would highly recommend getting in on a posing bootcamp!”


“I was not really sure of this purchase prior to the beginning of the course. I did not have subjects to photograph in the categories for several of the weeks. It was irrelevant though. I learned so much and look forward to watching again. If you do nothing but watch the included videos I promise you WILL learn and grow from the invaluable information. It truly was amazing to see how easily my posing came together in the session I had scheduled a few days after watching the first video.”


“Posing Bootcamp was amazing. This bootcamp has made me so much more aware of all aspects of posing. Loved watching Meg critique everyone’s photos. I am forever grateful for the bootcamp. I would recommend everyone to take this course, you won’t regret it.”


“I have to say, this was a fantastic workshop for me. I definitely learned so much about posing. Going back through images I had taken before this Bootcamp, I’m surprised at how the unintentional and lucky posing of people in select few of my images had all of the right elements and were my favorites-yet I had no idea why! I’m so glad I took this workshop, and I cannot wait for the last two critique videos. Thank you, Meg Bitton, Melody Hancock Pennington, and all the participants for opening my eyes to what works and what makes that special connection to the viewer in posing.”


“Just shot my maternity photo for this week's assignment and was so excited that I noticed all the subtleties that Meg explains that I would never have picked up on before! The workshop is taught simply, but packs a punch! Seeing everyone's work critiqued, you learn to pick up on little things you would have never noticed before. And, those little things, can make a huge difference!”


“Week 1 just finished and I feel confident in leaving an honest review already. This "bootcamp" in different from the other products Meg offers. Since I spent actual money on this, I felt obligated to myself, and my family, to do more than just watch. I felt obligated to participate, and that's a good thing for someone who gets easily distracted the way that I do. There are four topics (one topic a week for four weeks). Meg first provides a short video, critiquing quite a few images on how they could have been posed a little better to end up with an overall greater image. She pointed out quite a few things that I instantly knew I am guilty of failing to do. Other things discussed were more, "OK, why not? I'll give it a try/that's why I'm here." moments. So here's the key to what makes this great... you are actually supposed to go out and shoot the topic of the week and put to use the tips that you were given during the video. That may sound like, "Duh", but it's hard. Really hard. You actually take the time to POSE, your subject. Truthfully, I "pose" my clients, but, for the sake of time, I repeatedly fail to tweak those poses. This week, I deliberately did not use a client (I think this is important because I am doing this for ME, not someone paying for my services, so I didn't feel guilty taking my time learning). Saturday came and I submitted my image for Meg's review. I have no idea if my image will meet her criteria, but I know that after a week of focusing on posing a subject to perfection, I'm a damn better photographer than I was before starting this. Doing it over and over made it more like second nature to look for these minor adjustments. I can only imaging where I will be in three more weeks. End result: Will you learn something if you buy and just watch or submit old images? Sure. But, to get the most out of this Bootcamp (even if you are following along after the live camp has ended and won't get the critique from Meg), you have to do the work and, if you do, it will be soooooo worth it.”


“You push your students and help them find their own way. Love your approach.”


“So excited for this Bootcamp! Your a great teacher Meg! Such great info and it’s just the first week!”


“Great start to the workshop! I can't wait to get my first assignment started!”


“I am learning so much from just this first video. Game changer!”


“Meg did an awesome job critiquing several images, pointing out the issues with the photo as well as what made them work. It made me aware of elements that I need to incorporate and of course those I need to avoid. My practice shots were with a 2 year-old, so not the easiest age to pose. I've learned so much already! So glad I signed up for this class!”


“So excited for this!!! I am already loving it!”


“This Bootcamp has already started off with a BANG! I have learned so much already in this single video about hands and to twist the body in away like an S. Makes so much more sense now. Lots to practice and see what difference my images will look like.”


“Great Start! Love Megs Approach .... Hows & Whys- & Why Nots- This Info WILL Definitely Stick!! <3”


“I have a feeling this is going to be even more fun than I expected!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow morning to get the first assignment....”