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I hear all too often…”Meg, how do I start shooting again”. The answer is not the same for everyone. There are so many answers to this common question.

I have a lot to say on many very common topics. It is hard to write them over and over and over again. This year, I am going to give you the inspiration you need to travel along on your journey.

For the ENTIRE year, I am going to comb the group every few days, get a handle on the common issues and then speak to it in a video. This will not be a video OF me. This will be of me speaking.

I am going to give you challenges along the way when I see ones that need to be done. I will explain the why behind them.

This year long class is for YOU. It is not for ANYONE else. ONLY you. You do not have to share images if you don’t want to, you don’t have to do the challenge, you can just listen.

I think this is important. I do not want to speak to the wind anymore. We are stronger than the wind.



2 Reviews for Onward…

“If you love photography, and it is this simple and this profound at the same time, if you love photography, check out Onward. It has reinvigorated my already deep love of shooting. And while it may not be fancy work that I do, it is soulful work. I don't know where I would be without my camera. Thank you Meg for the inspiration to pick it back up. It was sitting right there on the table looking at me when I heard you say this. So I said, hello camera and off we went. Excelsior. Ever Upward.”


“As I sit here crying...don’t even know why I am crying...but I have to say Meg Bitton is daily present...not only once...it’s addictive...it’s a Routine....it’s taking my phone a couple times and watching what’s new...but I have to say it’s not only a Headline...it’s not only a name ...there is so much more...there is you....I don’t know you personal ...but you give so much ...all your heart and soul...all your knowledge....and with your inspiring words here on onward I heard someone who is struggling too...who has equal problems and worries too... there is someone like me and everybody else out there...MEG....thank you for this big gift....thank you for being you....thank you for helping me and others to come through all this...THANK YOU!!! Wanna wish everybody a healthy and successful start in 2021....”