NO Excuses


Are you feeling stifled? Lacking in creativity? Step out of your rut and learn to find the magic WHEREVER you are.

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NO Excuses

Are you feeling stifled, lacking in creativity? Are your surroundings dull and uninspiring? Do you want to step out of your rut and learn to open your eyes and sharpen your vision? Learn to CREATE your own magic. Don’t just wait on Magic to come to you. It’s there, and you’ll find it. You’ll find it when you make NO EXCUSES!

Come spend some time shooting and editing! If you purchase this viewing session, you will receive Lifetime Streaming Access to the workshop video, including 2 edits of images produced during the workshop.

31 Reviews for NO Excuses

“Fabulous workshop! Really informative and this has really shown me that the location does not have to be perfect to achieve perfect photos. Loved it! As always, the edits were great to watch and turned out stunning.”


“I loved this workshop. There really are NO excuses now.”


“Of all of the courses I have bought, this one is the most valuable. It instills confidence that you don’t need a lot of equipment, a perfect location or expensive gown to make stunning images. The edits included bring additional value!”


“Excellent workshop. One of the things I love about photography is that it encourages me to see beauty all around us. This workshop really hammers that point home, and steps it up to the next level. This was the first “No Excuses” workshop I purchased, it won’t be the last. I love that the class had people in it of all kinds of skill levels and all kinds of equipment levels; it made the material accessible to anyone. Looking forward to putting the lessons learned to use. I've often heard photographers talk about working with the equipment you have... this workshop seamlessly adds working with the light you have, working with the location you have, and working with the subject you have in a very approachable way. Excellent!”


“I've wasted so much time looking for the perfect place, the perfect background, the perfect tree, the perfect field, the perfect was right in front of me! No excuses after watching this! What I learned from the shoot was worth the cost but then there are the edits. I have watched them over and over following along with every step. Thanks Meg. I love watching you create magic. With your help, I am closer to creating a little magic of my own.”


“No need to wait for the 'perfect' place or time to take a photo. Do it now! Beauty can be found anywhere! After this course, I find myself noticing beauty all around, everywhere I go. Thank you Meg for new vision!”


“This workshop was a game changer for me in terms of finding and using light. Still one of the BEST workshops I have ever bought.”


“This video was amazing ! It really learned me to look further than what you see right away. To search for angles and light. I dare to look now at locations that I otherwise would have tossed right away. There is something beautiful in every place, you just need to see it. And this is what Meg teaches us here. You won't regret this one !”


“Loved that throughout the videos when Meg takes a picture, it is shown. It helps to see what she is looking at through the camera lens, and how she is framing her subject. As someone very new to photography this workshop was very helpful for me to understand that the shot depends a lot on the angle. Another great workshop! I will be watching it again.”


“I have an excuse. I have no models. Only my dogs. What do you suggest?”


“WOW! This workshop makes you want to go out and shoot right now. Location and light are my excuses and I hope I overcome this now. Thanks again, Meg.”


“WHAT!!! I'm just watching, the marble trick!! Never heard of, but I have to find me a marble!”


“great content!! especially on the editing.. great!!”


“One of the BEST parts of this workshop, is that every single shot Meg takes, they show the video (pullback) of her taking it, and the image she took side-by-side. So when she explains why she's doing something, you see her do it, and you can see real-time ,how it turns out in the shot. This workshop was great in a lot of ways, and well worth the investment. You learn about how to angle your camera, how to position for lighting, how to look around a space and find "locations" that you'd normally never think to use, you listen to all the "reasons" shooting there and then wouldn't work (but they actually DO, and why), all while benefiting from the "students'" questions are asked and answered real-time. Often they are the same questions I have. I will shoot photography differently because of this course!”


“You wont regret purchasing this course if you struggle finding beauty in the ugly...Meg explains and demonstrates about angles, focal length, lighting, compression and so much more. Its also great to see the attendees in their anticipation and excitement of what they are able to capture if giving the knowledge and tools. I had lots of a-ha moments, the way Meg explains you realise how simply she is able to capture that magic. I would buy this course again for the edits alone. A 1000000⭐️!!!”


“I am glad I got this video. It provides great encouragement to shoot anywhere... However, I do feel it would have been more effective to shoot, say, a family in addition to a single subject. The tutorial provides visual guidance on what to look for when shooting and posing a subject (ex chin, elbows, waist etc... (so, If you are new to posing, I recommend it), It also reminds the photographer to move their own body. I don't care for how brusque the instructor is at times with her crew, but if you can look past that this video is worth it. Id also like to have seen names on the pictures or at least the lens/camera/settings of each picture when the group shots were being taken... so as to reinforce the comparison between focal lengths and distance to the subject. But all in all, I am not disappointed in this video. The editing at the end will also help you if you are new to PS editing. Finally, kudos to the young lady who is the model. She is a champ and truly the most impressive part of this video!”


“Excellent Workshop. NO Excuses workshop covers a lot of info. See how to shoot beautiful images in a parking lot no matter the camera or lens.”


“Thanks Meg for allowing us to see what you see and to be more adventurous with boring locations.”


“Meg i want to thank you i havent taken portraits for awhile being depressed and making excuses it has given me the kick i needed.”


“Love this workshop! It really gets you thinking about all the excuses you make and inspires you to to look at everything around you differently. Thank you Meg!”


“Really loved this workshop! Thanks so much Meg x”


“I really appreciate the possiblities that this webinar presents. It shows you all the places and makes you think of the different things you are over looking because they arent perfect, or right. Even though they are right in front of you. They arent right. So instead of looking for what is perfect and right, take it imperfections and all, and make it yours, make it right. Make it awesome.”


“This was a great workshop to watch. So many great suggestions on how to use different lenses, find different locations and interesting composition choices.”


“This workshop is really awesome . It has shown me you can make beautiful images out of the simplest locations.”


“Loved this sooo much! Definitely no excuses any more!!!!”


“Total Game Changer For Those That Think it Takes the "Perfect Spot" to Execute Great Images. I Learned a Lot With No Excuses- & Even Clicked on Areas Right Outside My Door That, Before Viewing This, I Would Never Had Seen the Possibilities! <3 Absolutely Love the Editing Portions, & From the Videos I Have Viewed Previous to This One, I Can Honestly Say That Each One Has its Own Unique Content- Nothing is Repetitious! I am Addicted to Her System!!! <3”


“Amazing! I loved learning how to use overcast lighting and am so inspired to make any location work! The edits are phenomenal as well!”


“Fantastic!! Worth every penny! This was exactly what I needed.”


“So fantastic! Worth every single penny, loved the no excuse approach and the demonstration of how to create a beautiful image no matter what!”


“Wow! Loved this one!!! I highly recommend it to everyone! NO EXCUSES!!!”


“Excellent workshop, Meg! I wish I had gone =) I'm definitely going to pay more attention to location possibilities. I appreciate all the info. Thanks!”