No Excuses: Tenafly Tour

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Photography is about light, and I am going to teach you how to SEE the light and how to USE the light. Let’s make some magic on my Tenafly Tour!…

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No Excuses: Tenafly Tour

Come with me and let’s go looking for light! Join me as I tour my home town and find ALL of the best light in the most unexpected places. Watch as I show you how to take a site that looks like nothing into an amazing setting. Photography is about light, and I am going to teach you how to SEE the light and how to USE the light to create the kinds of images that your heart desires. I will show you how to position your subject, and how to maximize your surroundings while capturing the beautiful light! Learn how to go into the hidden places to find the beauty, and the texture. Hop into the van and ride along. Let’s make some No Excuses Magic on my Tenafly Tour!

12 Reviews for No Excuses: Tenafly Tour

“This was such a great course on finding the light. I love watching Meg work and teach as she goes. These lessons are invaluable!”


“I love everything about this workshop! I learn something new every time I watch it.”


“When it comes to lighting, I've always been intimidated to move out of my comfort zone. No more!”


“This one was a little lighter on content than I was expecting, but what was there was fantastic. Can’t wait to take the info out in the field!”


“The information was helpful; however, I wish Meg would have used more harsh light examples like the first one. In addition, in the intro and wrap-up she alluded to discussing settings, but never really was specific, and didn't address the covered shade like was mentioned in the intro section (but rather told the attendee it would be discussed tomorrow when it was expected to be overcast). This was a short No Excuses, and I was glad I purchased it on sale.”

— KIM C.

“I was waiting for more information. I guess I need to take another workshop. But I need to know how to apply this with a year old kid. Is that posible?”


“No more waiting for the Golden Hour to take beautiful outdoor portraits. No more fear to shoot under the sun... thank you once again Meg!”


“Three locations, multiple poses and so much information, you just have to listen!! Well done Meg”


“After seeing many of the other courses, this one was a bit disappointing. It is very short with minimal information in it. The information in it was very good and helpful!”


“It's a little bit too short but the information is accurate. thank you!”


“Lots of "gee whiz" moments here...little things that you may haven't thought of that will certainly make a difference in your photography. :). Kudos to Chloe, the model! What a champ!”


“Just finished watching and can not wait to put into practice what I saw here ... Loved hearing the attendees light issues and seeing those issues addressed with placement of subject, posing the subject, and settings. I feel like I was there. LOVED this!!!”