No Excuses: Portraits of Strangers

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No Excuses: Portraits of Strangers

Confidence is contagious.

Can you walk up to someone you do not know and ask to create their portrait?

Well now you can! I found all different subjects on the street that I found interesting, walked up to them and asked to create portraits of them. I asked to use a store. I went into the street. I posed a family. Not only was it inspiring for me but I made it amazing for them.

I am going to show you how to establish trust through confidence so that you can photograph and connect with ANYONE. Even strangers.

4 Reviews for No Excuses: Portraits of Strangers

“I saw an adorable stranger I was compelled to photograph. I asked and she said yes. I took 5 photos before she rejoined her group. Less than 1 minute and I walked away with amazing stuff! I THEN returned to my car and bought the video and am sat in the car to watch it. While I loved the inspirational value, I would've liked to of seen the logistical side. The initial contact and the wording . Asking for a model release and how that process is done.”


“Love this!”


“This was so uplifting and beautiful! No excuses for sure!”


“I don't think I've ever smiled so big before watching a workshop video. This was AMAZING!”