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No Excuses: Your Local Park

From artist Meg Bitton

Course Details

Some of the most magical times in a child’s life and their happiest memories, may be the times that they spend playing at the park. You can create amazing images that they and their parents will treasure when you understand how to use the park to your advantage. You can choose to accentuate the features of the park or to make it look like something else entirely!

Join me as I shoot in 5 different locations in my own local park and see how I frame my subject to remove undesirable elements. Watch as I discuss the hows and whys of composition and show you how to use leading lines to make your images stronger. See me shoot backlit images along with some lovely soft lovely golden hour images. See how I work with my young model to empower her and engage her and make sure that her thoughts are taken into consideration as well. You can create marvelous life long memories for a family when you shoot at a local park. You can do it all, when you make NO EXCUSES!