NO Excuses: Lifestyle

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Anything is possible, even in a small space, as long as you make NO Excuses!

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NO Excuses: Lifestyle

After our last Lifestyle course, which was in a large, beautiful home, we’re going in a different direction with this course! This is where it gets real! We’re going to a super small home and I’m going to teach you how to use the natural light and some creative angles in order to get images which really speak to the heart!

I’m going to show you how to utilize your camera, find your best angles, make a connection with your subjects AND find the available light. Once you’ve got all of that, you have it made! You don’t have to be afraid of the unknown, just because you go somewhere you’ve never been before. All you have to do is take advantage of a few tricks and have a vision of what you want to accomplish to capture the images that will make your heart sing. Anything is possible, even in a small space, as long as you make NO Excuses!

10 Reviews for NO Excuses: Lifestyle

“I wish I would have found you sooner Meg, I have learned more from your workshops in the past few weeks than all the books I read classes I attended, and videos I watched after purchasing my camera in March of this year. You have opened my eyes to see things in a different’s all starting to click now and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.”


“I enjoyed this workshop although i would also be interested to know what lens and aperture Meg was using. I like how this workshop showed the struggles of photographing a toddler and watching how Meg moved around with the child trying different things to combat those struggles.”


“I love watching the magic behind Meg creating her story behind the lens. I learned so much here about angles and posing people according to the light. thank you for another wonderful workshop!”


“Does anyone know what camera she was using and what the settings were?”


“This is so full of information! Amazing workshop!”


“Thank you so much for making this workshop! Well worth it, you wont be disappointed.”


“I found this very interesting, really enjoyed all the tips and different ideas! Plus the lighting, and positing of people to suit the lighting best. I am interested to know what camera you have, and what settings you used? I find i need to use a higher ISO, but then the photos are not clear. Your photos were always so white and clear! Thank you!!”


“Really enjoyed this well done! Meg! Did I miss what lens you were using ? Can’t wait to do this ;).”

— BEV I.

“This was such a great session! I have never seen one of Meg's Lifestyle sessions, and what I loved about it was that it was so "un-posed", yet she was able to capture expressions and body language that TOTALLY told the "story" of this beautiful family! And never in my dreams would I think it was possible to get such beautiful, light images in such a small home! I was completely "sucked in" to this session, watching Meg follow this baby around, and use the available light to her advantage. It was so helpful to see how Meg moved her subject and also herself to achieve the "light in the eyes", which is something that I often forget to do during sessions (I tend to get "stuck" in one spot and forget to move around!). I learned SO much by watching this! Thank you Meg!”


“I learned a lot from it!!! Lighting, angles and directing... Very good!!!”