No Excuses: iPhone

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The best camera is the one with you, even if it is your phone! You can create amazing images!

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No Excuses: iPhone

The best camera you can use is the one that you have with you. In a lot of cases, that may be your phone! Join Meg and Sarah to see how you can use your phone to create remarkable image. See how Sarah uses her phone, what shortcuts she uses on her phone, how she edits on her phone and how she connects and how she poses. You’ll learn how she uses her phone to employ the techniques that apply across the board in Photography. Watch as Sarah shows you how to take a phone and use your vision and employ some techniques that you may have learned in other forms of photography to create images that are really beautiful! You don’t have to miss those magical memories just because you’re not carrying around a great big camera. Just pull out your phone and start making your own instant magic today!

8 Reviews for No Excuses: iPhone

“I debated this one and didn't think I'd need it. I decided to grab it during a sale. I'm so glad I did! I don't know why I felt that I couldn't do just as good with a simple phone camera. Now I'm not missing little moments and I'm still getting photos I love just as much, as I do from my dslr.”


“Such a fun workshop! All these years I’ve had an iPhone and who would have known. I’m not sure I’m not ready to travel on vacation without my camera yet lol; but I’m willing to take baby steps. Will definitely shoot more with it on a basic basis and apply what I’ve learned! Thanks Sarah for sharing!”


“You know, I wasn’t sure about this workshop prior to buying because I just didn’t trust my iPhone. What if I missed an important moment that could’ve been captured on my DSLR. I realize now, my thinking was backwards. By using the knowledge that I’ve learned here (MBL) I would never miss a moment on my camera because I have one in my hand (or nearby) allllll day - my iPhone! I loved the workshop, thank you so much for opening my mind! I can’t wair to see what I can do!!!”


“I loved this workshop! I have often been out wishing I had my camera and now I have more confidence to use what I have. Last night I took the most amazing sunset picture because of Sarah's inspiration. Thanks Sarah & Meg.”


“Another wonderful workshop. I love how you make using an iPhone camera look so easy. I also love how you provided your skills in composition, metering, etc. So many great tips and tricks. I might make my June Journey all iPhone submissions. Thank you Sarah.”


“Breaking down my wall of fear over the phone camera. Tonight, I will take some photos with my phone camera.”


“This was great Sarah. I learned so much! I’ve always loved using my phone camera, after watching this I will definitely change the way I photograph with my phone.”


“This is such a fun workshop. I never considered shooting using the modes Sarah does and thought I needed the iPhone with portrait mode so I could get the bokeh close to my DSLR. Sarah shows you how to do things using today's apps and standard features and even how to compose and get the image you want even if you're not carrying your big camera around. I was very comfortable with using my phone for images, but always thought they were never as good as my camera: Myth. Sarah explains why. This is not a workshop to pass up.”