No Excuses: Equipment

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There are no excuses. You don’t need the biggest and the most expensive camera to create beautiful images. Any kit camera will do.

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No Excuses: Equipment

So many people say “I can’t” because they have entry level equipment, but I’m here to tell you now, that YOU CAN! Once you know all of the variables of photography, you can use ANY equipment and get good images. I am going to show you that if you know how to find the light, and how to use it, you can get the kind of pictures you want, even with simple equipment. We will shoot both indoors and out, using entry level equipment. You’re going to have to understand a little more about posing and connection and how to keep your subject where you want them in the right light, but it can be done! Connection, posing and the exposure triangle are the elements that you need to know, no matter WHAT equipment you are using. Join me today as I show you how I shoot with basic equipment and apply my knowledge and get great results. You can do it too! Anything is possible, when you make NO EXCUSES!

22 Reviews for No Excuses: Equipment

“Just watched the video on Thanksgiving break ! Great video to help gain confidence in our modest beginner equipment to develop our skills. Would love the camera giveaway if it is still available.”


“So informative! I have been working with my Canon 6D using an 85mm lens. After 3 years, I have moved up to the 70-200mm. I am so excited to take this know-how outside and use what I've learned in this workshop. Thanks so much, Meg!!”


“So informative! I have been working with my Canon 6D using an 85mm lens. After 3 years, I have moved up to the 70-20mm. I am so excited to take this know-how outside and use what I've learned in this workshop. Thanks so much, Meg!!”


“LOVED this so much, I shoot with a crop sensor so I was very thankful for this! Thanks Meg!!”


“This workshop is amazing. Meg shows how you can use what you have and not break the bank. So many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars thinking you have to so you can make magical pictures but this workshop shows that that isn't necessary. I love this workshop!!”


“This is the workshop I'd been waiting for, and it did not disappoint. Thank you!”


“Poor craftsmen blame their tools. I mean that in the kindest way. Meg shows you that no matter what tools, you as an artist can still create magic!”


“Loved this workshop! What I really love is knowing that investing in the knowledge Meg continuously gives has been one of the best decisions I have made!”


“Once someone asked, "Do I have $10,000 to start a business, how should I invest it?" and an expert answered; "Invest 5,000 in education and you'll do magic with the other 5,000" Today I invested (little) in education and learned that with a very cheap equipment I can make thousands of thousands! Good job! Meg Bitton.”


“This workshop is Amazing!”


“I have been wanting to try some studio light but was afraid that i would be wasting my money cause i can't afford the expensive lighting. This workshop shows you that you don't need the best there is now No Excuses to give it a try. Thank You Meg for showing me the light. LoL”


“Awesome workshop! Really shows you can achieve the look you want with not expensive equipment by knowing your light, playing with your angles and a bit of your environment. Thank you Meg! I always learn so much!”


“This workshop is exactly what I needed. I haven't even touched my camera in awhile because I was feeling so defeated when I wasn't getting the images I was picturing in my mind. Thank you SO much! I'm ready to go grab my camera and try everything I learned from this workshop. No more excuses!”


“Before you consider changing out equipment and spending thousands of dollars, invest in this workshop! Game changer!”


“Loved the workshop, it has movitaved me to start with what I can afford and not to let that hold me back. Thank you”


“If you have been discouraged by your your gear or lack thereof, this workshop is for you! Meg completely dispels the notion that you have to have lenses that cost thousands of dollars or even a full frame camera to get the images you want. So encouraging and empowering!!”


“Thank you so much for this workshop. It was a pleasure to watch. You totally motivated me, now I am going to start saving up to purchase some similar items. I would love to get a worth of like the one used, I had no idea you could even get beautiful images like this with one. You rock and this workshop is a must for everyone.”


“Really enjoyed watching the posing techniques, the way you compensated for less compression, and the way you posed for the most flattering light in the studio portion, and as always-the styling was on point! Thank you so much!”


“Thank you meg♡!! I use the very basic sony and with your amazing workshops have came so far! This workshop was no exception! I loved it!”


“Just finished watching and I LOVED it! It definitely made me see that the only thing holding me back from beautiful images is my attitude not my equipment and that with more time spent understanding my lighting and where to place it the better the outcome! Thanks Meg!”

— KIM W.

“I cannot wait for this to go live. I have several of Megs products and I can’t even begin to thank Meg enough at how generous she is with sharing her knowledge. I have not been disappointed once with any of my purchases, I’ve learned so much and continue to learn every time I re-watch what I’ve already purchased. So I know this will be another great learning tool for me. I will continue to keep coming back for more, in this industry it’s a revolving door of learning and keeping up can get overwhelming, but Meg keeps me focused and I know I can always come back here. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Meg, you truly brought my flame back after being a burnt out photographer wanting to hang up the camera and call it quits. I appreciate you more then you will ever know!”


“Y'all, this is the workshop I have been dreaming off since years ago when I saw Meg post 2 images with equipment comparison; one of those images was shot with a D5 and a 200mm f2.0. The other was shot with a D70 and an 80-200 2.8. - both produced the same spectacular image. I knew then if I work hard I can do it too. This workshop is going to be the last push I need! "It is not what is in your hands. It is what is in YOU."”