Newborn Studio: Twins

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The chance to shoot twins doesn't come along every day! Be ready to create a treasured memory of these special little ones!

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Newborn Studio: Twins

There is something so magical about Twins! When you get the opportunity to shoot them, you want to make sure that you capture EACH baby perfectly and also show the beautiful connection that exists between them. Join Niki as she shows you how to wrap, pose and shoot these gorgeous Twins. See how she uses her lights to make each of them look their very best. You’ll see how she works with them individually and together to create magical images that their parents will treasure forever. The chance to shoot twins doesn’t come along every day, but with Niki’s help, when your turn comes, you’ll be ready to create a treasured memory of these special little ones!

2 Reviews for Newborn Studio: Twins

“please make subtitles in Spanish !!! I love your videos !!!”


“Had my first set of twins today and felt very prepared after watching this workshop! Niki shows the real truth about how newborn sessions go with two. They don’t always go according to plan A, so there needs to be a plan b and c. I had a planned workflow thanks to Niki and it pretty much went according to plan. This course is a must before attempting twins!”