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Newborn Studio: Props

From artist Niki Torres
4 reviews

Course Details

Newborn babies are just so adorable, and photographing them can be so much fun! This is especially true when you get to use cute props to really feature baby in creative ways. Nothing makes a newborn session go more smoothly than having a good workflow though, and sometimes it’s easy to let that workflow get lost in the excitement of using props. You don’t have to be nervous about that though!

Niki can help you get organized in your workflow when you are using props. Let her teach you how to incorporate your props so that you don’t spend all of your time with baby trying to get your props settled and can focus on the little star of the show. Props can revitalize your newborn business and add whimsy or drama to your images. Niki is here to help you get the most out of your props and make the MOST out of each session. Set the stage for the perfect newborn shoot using props, it’s the perfect way to make sure that BABY is the star!

Product Reviews

4 total reviews
can you please tell me what you are doing when you turn the image red to see what spots you missed?
Very detailed instruction! I haven't made my way through each of the videos yet, but I've already learned a lot! It also helped me a lot with understanding workflow and understanding where to put my focus point and how to position the baby. I highly recommend this video!
Really enjoyed this and some fab photoshop tips for newborns too :-)
Great video's, I really enjoyed the Edits, a few things clicked on workflow in PS.