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Newborn Studio: Milestones

From artist Niki Torres
5 reviews

Course Details

For newborn photographers ready to expand business beyond that first newborn shoot, learn to capture the first year of a baby’s milestones.

Everybody knows what to expect from Newborn Photography, and what to expect from a Cake Smash session at the First Birthday. There’s a lot of living that happens between those 2 events though, and there are plenty of opportunities for a good photographer to capture all of those Milestones, both large and small which happen during that year!

Join Niki as she shows you how to make the most of Baby’s first year and capture those precious memories. See how to work with a newly smiley 3 month old, a 6 month old who is now sitting up, a 9 month old who is crawling or standing proudly with support, and finally a 12 month old who is taking those all important first steps. Every parent longs for images of those fleeting moments. Let Niki show you her magic so that you can add a little magic to your photographic repertoire and create some precious treasures of your own!

Product Reviews

5 total reviews
Amazing workshop, so many helpful tips and again goes to show, less is more. I learned so much. Thank you Niki and Meg!
I love these newborn studio workshops, very informative! I do though always find myself wishing we could see how Niki edits the sessions at the end of these. Id truly love to see more newborn editing. This is a very good workshop to own.
I think this was one of he most amazing workshops. A good invertion and Niki is lovely and really patient. Love her work! Thank you!
Amazing as always !
As always Niki is just amazing! She is incredibly patient and doesn't let the baby's behavior cause her to rush. She takes her time and makes sure she gets every shot she needs. She teaches you tricks for getting the best possible images of babies of all ages and how to work with their temperaments and movements. This is a must if you want to see how to go beyond newborn and cake smash.