Newborn Studio: In-Home Natural Light

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Newborn Studio: In-Home Natural Light

Do you think you need to own a studio to photograph newborn sessions? Think again! Watch as Niki Torres guides you through an in-home newborn session where she shoots in the exact same poses and angles as she does in studio! Learn to work from any home and master available light to capture beautiful newborn images!

After Niki works through several poses and lighting situations, Sarah Morris will make a guest appearance to show you how she shoots newborn lifestyle sessions in home! Learn to capture the beautiful everyday moments of newborn life in the comfort of your clients’ homes!

Finally, Meg shoots newborns as only Meg does, in under 5 minutes. You do not want to miss it! This workshop includes the photography and shooting style of THREE amazing photographers shooting in home newborns and you will be amazed at the flexibility and potential for beautiful newborn imagery from any client home!

1 Reviews for Newborn Studio: In-Home Natural Light

“This video is remarkable. So nice to see that small spaces really can work (the space that Niki shoots from in the 2nd "set-up" really is small). I would have loved to see a home that has even less light (like an apartment that has light blocked by trees and other buildings, but all in all, this was a helpful video. Plus you get some "free" wrapping tutorials, so that is cool!”