Newborn Studio: Family Posing

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Learn how to get amazing images of newborns with the whole family.

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Newborn Studio: Family Posing

We all know that the newborn baby is the star of the Newborn Session, but there’s no need to leave out the supporting members of the cast! Mom, Dad and the siblings are all important subjects as well. In this workshop, my newborn specialist Niki Torres will show you how to get amazing images of the whole family, using my original One Light Studio Setup. You can maximize the creative possibilities for your Newborn Sessions using the same simple tools that you use to capture the Newborn alone. Include the whole family as you make magical memories that they will treasure forever, and boost your sales and profits at the same time. Join Niki and me as we bring you Simple Studio Extended Newborn and extend your Newborn Sessions to the whole family!

Two separate family sessions were Filmed for this series.

8 Reviews for Newborn Studio: Family Posing

“I love to watching this video! I learn a lot from this workshop and it help me a lot as a beginner newborn photographer. Thanks Meg and Nikki”

— EMA E.

“This work shop helped me a lot!! I never worked with newborns plus family, after watching it i felt so much confidence cause i knwe what i was going to do. Niki did an amazing job !!!!Thank you! Lots of poses and workflow! Very helpfull.”


“I felt like I was doing the same family poses over and over again. I bought this workshop so that I could refresh my parent and sibling poses. I not only got ideas for new poses, I learned some new tricks for getting siblings to cooperate!”


“I have all of the newborn workshops and they are all amazing. Nikki is doing a great job and she explains everything very well. Her pictures are amazing. Looking forward to use everything I learned. Thank you!”


“This is a great workshop to add into your arsenal if you are into newborns. Those parent shots and sibling shots are the ones that the parents really treasure. Well worth the purchase. Thanks so much.”


“This video is reveals how most sessions actually go...unsettled baby and a sibling with a small attention span...she did a great job showing safety first...would love to know camera settings as the session went along.”


“Enjoying it so far, looking forward to the second video too. Thank you!!!”


“This was very informative. If you are thinking about it, purchase it. I can't wait for my next session now. Thanks Meg and Nikki for all that you do. :)”