Newborn Studio: Beginner Basics

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Join the amazing Niki Torres and learn all you need to know to get started in Newborn Studio Photography.

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Newborn Studio: Beginner Basics

So, you want to photograph newborns only one thing is stopping you. Babies! They are so cute, so amazing, so precious, soo delicate! You may think that newborn photography is too complicated, too scary for you. Well, that is not the case!

Join the amazing Niki Torres as she walks you through all you need to know to get started in Newborn Studio Photography.

Learn how to set the scene and perfect your lighting. Spend some time practicing posing and wrapping and using props. You’ll want to use a doll at first, and then bring in the baby and the family. You’ll have all of the tools that you need at your fingertips!

Get ready to create memories of those first magic days of life and give them the gift they will treasure forever, a beautiful memory, made by YOU!

9 Reviews for Newborn Studio: Beginner Basics

“SO much information in these videos. By far the best purchase I’ve made on this site. Thank you for breaking it all down in an easy to understand format.”


“WOW! I have photographed a newborn or two a year for the past three or four years. Mostly for repeat family portrait clients or close friends. I learned safety and general tips and tricks, but still didn't feel confident in my work or ability to shoot newborns. This class absolutely delivered! I've been toying with getting studio lighting, but no idea where to start. When I wrapped baby, it looked pitiful. I did exactly what Niki said, as posing once and shooting 42 times and hoping for the best. Had no idea where to place baby for portraits with parents. This video covered it all & more! I'm so glad I decided to get this one first and now I can purchase some others that I need specific help with. Even if you're not a complete beginner, but want better images and specific questions answered, start here. Very informative and affordable!”


“Extremely thorough and contains lots of useful tips. I found it very hard to hear at times - the sound lowered a lot at certain sections. But highly recommended :-)”


“Niki is amazing as always. I have been struggling with my newborn sessions and really needed to get back to the basics. Niki walks you through everything in such a simple to follow process. I can't wait to put my learning to use this weekend with my next two newborns! Def, worth it if you are struggling or never did a newborn session before.”


“Loved it!! ?????❤️”


“This class has been a life saver. I had no idea what I was doing prior to this workshop but not I feel more confident in shooting toddlers with my plm. Thank you Meg and Niki for always coming through for us.”


“This is great set of instructional videos! I love that the baby is not asleep and settled the whole time. You see her work through this. I love how big sister was not completely interested in getting her pictures taken. You see her work through this. She explains her lines and curves she uses.”


“SO HELPFUL! Very thorough! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!”


“Niki is Extremely Thorough in Her Lessons- This is a Fantastic Workshop That Leaves Me With Enough Confidence to Plan My Own Session in the Near Future! :) I am Actually Going to Pull Out My Lissey Doll & Start Practicing What I Have Learned!! Thank You Niki For Providing Everything I Need To Plan a Simple Newborn Session OR a Full Family Session That is Simple, Yet Yields Gorgeous Results!! <3”