Newborn Studio: 6 Weeks Old

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Go with Niki into the uncharted territory that is 6 week old Newborn babies!

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Newborn Studio: 6 Weeks Old

How old is too old? That’s a common question in Newborn Photography. Many people pass up babies from 4 to 6 weeks old, but you don’t have to! Join Niki as she shows you how to make the most of the older newborn. Let her set your mind at ease, you CAN get great images of a baby who is slightly older. She will show you how to position the baby and how to handle the baby in order to get the best results. You’ll never be caught wishing for those younger days after you go with Niki into the uncharted territory that is 6 week old Newborn babies!

3 Reviews for Newborn Studio: 6 Weeks Old

“I really liked this course and I think it's useful for babies who are between 7-14 days old that are also awake for those days. As someone wrote earlier, it would have been beneficial to see parent posing with older babies. But overall its a good course to go with the other Newborn collection.”


“I wish there was a segment on parents holding the baby. They are bigger than newborns so you can't hold them in the traditional few poses that parents hold them in. Otherwise it was a good course. Really got to see how much patience one needs to keep going through.”


“I love that you don't edit the parts where baby can be fussy. This is how a session really is. Thank you Nkii and I love watching all your work and how you explain everything you are doing. I highly reccomend this!!”

— EVA N.