Newborn Kit: Three Bears

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This is from a series of Newborn Compositing Kits from Aoife Millea. Layered PSD Files with a Layer named: YOUR BABY HERE

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Newborn Kit: Three Bears

Each newborn kit is being designed as a handcrafted layered PSD with Aoife’s unique artistry. She photographs and retouches all the elements from her library of images and materials that she has been collecting over the year.

You get a layered PSD Files with a layer named: YOUR BABY HERE, along with a video tutorial from Aoife on how to use each kit!

6 Reviews for Newborn Kit: Three Bears

“I LOVE this template. Just put my new grand daughter in it and everyone is going crazy over it. Wish I could find that button that let's me share on here.”


“I loved this!!!”


“One of my favorite projects and she walks you through it brilliantly! Final results have been stunning so far!”

— DEE P.

“Aoife has outdone herself with this one. I'd been holding off on more backgrounds for composites but this is irresistible. Already in use and in love.”


“This Composite of the Three bears is STUNNING by itself. Although I don't photograph a lot of babies, I do photograph dogs, and it worked beautifully when I tested it with my own dog. The way it is designed allows you to think outside the box. It is a beautiful beautiful file and being able to adjust the layers makes it brilliant.”


“love this compostie i can not wait to see the tutorial <3”