Newborn Chronicles

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Newborn Chronicles

Introducing a new series documenting the journey of Newborn Photographer Niki Torres. Follow Niki as she begins the journey of opening her first independent newborn photography studio. Each week, we released a new episode where you will learn about her humble beginnings, how she overcame obstacles and self-doubt, and the keys to tackling the real-world challenges of building a newborn photography business. Come celebrate her milestones as she continues to capture the beauty of newborns and create memories to last forever.

Newborn Chronicles Release Dates
Episode 1: Oct 3 – New Beginnings
Episode 2: Oct 10 – Renovations Begin
Episode 3: Oct 17 – Studio Set-Up
Episode 4: Oct 24 – Studio Reveal
Episode 5: Oct 31 – Client Sessions
Episode 6: Nov 7 – Gallery Reveal

Episode 1: New Beginnings
During our premiere episode of Newborn Chronicles: A Newborn Photographer’s Journey, Niki Torres shares her personal story of becoming a young mom and her humble beginnings in newborn photography. She shares her journey of starting a newborn photography business with simple DIY backdrops and inexpensive props to opening up her first, independent, newborn photography studio. Follow her journey as she inspires others to live their passion and fulfill their dreams of becoming a newborn photographer.

Episode 2: Renovations Begin
It’s real. It’s happening. In Episode 2 of the Newborn Chronicles, the renovations begin! Niki shares the challenges of working in a small space and how you can build your dream studio on any budget. Watch her design and space planning process to create a fluid and functional space for newborn photography, complete with a cozy area for families and a gallery viewing wall.

Episode 3: Studio Set-Up
You can make your dream a reality. In Episode 3 of the Newborn Chronicles, Niki moves into her new studio and begins the process of setting up a fully functional and inviting space for both newborns and their families. She showcases her curation of props, including DIY accessories, budget items, and sentimental accents. Yes, it’s all in the details, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful studio space. Plus, learn more about her humble beginnings and how staying true to your vision, while surrounding yourself with supportive partners, can help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Episode 4: Studio Reveal
Yes, dreams do come true. During this episode, Niki reveals her brand new photography studio. After months of planning, renovations, and set-up, she showcases how you can create a beautiful, functional studio in a small space. From sitting areas to prop stations to accessory ladders, see how Niki blends her calming design aesthetic to create a cozy and relaxing environment for parents and newborns. Plus, learn how to utilize your space and layout for maximum functionality by using multi-use shooting areas, gallery reveal walls, lighting setups, and wall-mounted backdrops.

Episode 5: Client Sessions
In this Special Edition Episode of the Newborn Chronicles, you get a 2-Hour Course in Newborn Photography, which includes three Newborn Edits. Watch Niki’s start-to-finish process of shooting multiple newborn sessions; including Newborn, Baby & Siblings (Ages 2 & 3), Baby & Parents, and Family. Learn Niki’s signature techniques for posing, wrapping, using props and various ways to calm newborns and keep toddlers focused. Plus, get tips on workflow and posing when shooting back-to-back sessions, especially when working with very young siblings. Come watch as Niki captures magical moments that will last forever.

Episode 6: Gallery Reveal
In the final episode of the Newborn Chronicles, Niki showcases her start-to-finish client wrap-up session and gallery reveal. Learn more about her complete workflow process, including booking clients, the importance of referrals, session pricing, brochures, customized products, and tiered pricing packages. Plus, get tips on how to create a more personalized gallery reveal slideshow and how you can use pre-session questionnaire details to frame a sentimental story of baby.

55 Reviews for Newborn Chronicles

“I really love this whole series. So much good information! I recently moved into my very own small studio and am loving having everything in one place and not having to pack up a car and go anymore. I was especially interested in the editing section. I know Photoshop pretty well but have never really used the layers for color balance and doing gradient on the background the way Nikki does (I do it differently) but now I'm excited to try her way as it gives you so much more control. Best wishes on a great New Year in your new studio!!!!”


“HI Niki! This was such a wonderful series and sharing for free!! We are so lucky! I am wondering if you could share where you got the girls little tutu dresses from? Did mom bring them or is it something you have in your wardrobe collection? Thanks so much! Love, love watching you do your thing!”


“This is just amazing!!! I learned a lot from your videos and getting to know your journey is just super exciting!!!!!”


“De France ... Merci Niki pour ce partage .. hâte de commencer aussi ce beau métier .. très beau travail et beaucoup d'empathie ... merci pour ces beaux reportages... pressée de voir la suite des reportages.. à bientôt ... bonne route et bon shooting.”


“Niki, you are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for all the information and education you have shared!”


“I loved every minute of this!! Gives me hope for my own dreams!”


“What a great set of videos! Loved watching this journey and seeing how happy this made you. What a great inspiration for anyone just starting out or just venturing out on their own after being with someone else. I don't have a studio myself as I do in home and outdoors, however I would love to have a small space for the winter months. You have certainly inspired me and I just made me happy and feel all warm inside watching these videos! I recommend these videos for anyone who needs a boost of inspiration and happiness.”


“This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing Niki! You're an amazing photographer and I wish you lots of happiness and success in your new space!”


“Niki, you are such a beautiful soul. Congratulations and much love and luck on this next leg of your journey <3”


“Thank you for sharing your happiness with us, you inspired all of us ❤ Wishing you more success and happiness :) keep it up ??❤”


“Your work is amazing and you are an inspiration to me!! Thank you”


“This was a beautiful everything about it and so happy for you and so glad you shared with us.. The sky is the limit..”


“Congratulations Niki and I wish you all the success you deserve! You are a warm and special person. :)”


“Congrats Niki, your work along with Meg's is very inspiring and to watch your studio go ahead like this is wonderful <3”


“love this! Congrats on your new space and following your dream!”

— AMY K.

“So Happy For You Niki! You have me over here crying... I cannot wait to see the rest. Very inspirational.”


“Thank you for the gift of sharing Niki's dream come true with us! Finding Meg Bitton and this group has been such a huge blessing to me! I know that watching you on this newest phase of your Journey will also be a blessing to myself and so many others! Beautiful souls <3”


“Love watching as your dream studio unfolds. So cool to watch from the beginning.”


“Watching this with you makes me smile too. I am so excited you're getting to see your dreams come true. you will NEVER work another day in your life, because when you love what you do, it's not work. It's pleasure & joy. I can only imagine how big things will get for you. My dad was a GC also, & if I had done this when I was much younger, I know he would have been so happy to help me out also. Your Dad is proud of you. That's obvious !!! now #gogetem”


“Can't wait to the rest of this series!”


“Congratulations Niki I am so excited for you! As someone that started their journey into newborn photography late in life, you have inspired me to not give up on my dream of telling these amazing little stories in the form of photography. I love and have many of your newborn series and your wrapping video was the first where the light bulb finally came on. You are an amazing artist and I can't wait to watch the continuation of your journey!”


“Loving watching your dream come true how it all started, I LOVE you newborn classes, you make it so easy to understand!”


“Excited for Niki. Can't wait to see her dream evolve!”


“Well done, these episodes are awesome to watch, I could watch for longer :)”


“Awww, NIKI!!! Your Dad looks so huggable ... Makes me miss my own Dad terribly . Enjoy the journey together x”


“Loving this!!”


“This is fantastic = thanks for sharing your journey xxx”


“Love this and so timely as I'm moving from home to a studios space. Really excited to see the whole series!”


“Love. Love. Love. Thank you for sharing this. I have learned so much from you & look forward to learning even more! #trustandobey”


“Super exciting Stuff. Congratulations!”


“Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see your next episode :)”


“Congratlations!!! I can't wait to see your next episode :)”


“Wow this is so awesome! I can't wait to see the rest <3 thankyou for sharing your journey with us =)”

— JO W.

“I too am an up coming hobby photographer. I have messed around with taking photos for several years and this year I'm slowly getting more and more things to grow my hobby. I look forward to watching your journey as your dream comes true.”


“Congratulations. As one just starting my journey I can’t wait to follow yours through this amazing time!!”


“So happy for you, beautiful soul♡”


“Very special. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing more.”


“Oh Nikki, I am UGLY CRYING RIGHT NOW!!! This is so amazing and I feel truly blessed to be able to witness this. I am not a newborn photographer, but I have every one of your newborn videos as the information is invaluable and transferable to every aspect of photography. I wish you all the very best and can not wait to sit and ugly cry some more xxx”


“So happy for you! I have watched all your newborn videos and you have helped me so much. You and your work is just beautiful. I can’t wait to watch your journey.”

— EVA N.

“Your story is absolutely beautiful and definitely touches my heart. You can just tell how much you love what you do and how it's so natural for you. That's so amazing and I cant wait to continue to watch these episodes and see this all come together for you. Good luck and congrats to you. Your work is truly inspiring, amazing and beyond perfect. You put your heart into it and that's what matters.”


“Congrats Niki....You are awesome.”


“So happy for you, excited to see you progress in your new studio, I love how you teach, you’re very easy to understand and your photography is wow! All the very best wishes to you ✨?✨”


“Awesome!! Your work certainly speaks for itself. Such a beautiful talent you have! The amazing baby whisperer ?”


“Wow, what a beautiful emotional story. I am not an easy crier and I teared up a few times. Congratulations Nikki for achieving what so many of us dream of and congratulations Meg for finding your true purpose. Not just to b”


“Can’t wait to see more!”


“I can’t wait to see the rest! This is so exciting! You are awesome Niki!”




“Beautiful and well deserved :)”


“Oh, I love this so much already! I can't wait to see more. Congratulations, Niki! Thank you for sharing you knowledge with us and for letting us be part of your journey.”


“super excited by this!”


“Niki, you are an amazing person and a teacher! So sooo happy for you... and can't wait to see how it's going to develope ?”


“I'm excited for you. I have really loved your newborn classes. Can't wait to see how the rest of this unfolds!”


“I am hooked can't wait to see more of her journey...”


“Love this! Actually brought tears to my eyes. My daughter and I have a photography business together that we started 5 years ago. And to look back to see where we came from working out of my kitchen, moving everything out to set up one of those old fashion bean bags and wrapping up baby the best I thought I could at that time to now having our own studio space with a studio shop. We are beyond blessed and thank God everyday for our amazing clients that have stuck with us through the journey to all of the amazing talented teachers like you guys helping us through the way! I can not wait to watch the next episode! :)”


“Yeah Niki!! Sooo happy for you! Your work is as beautiful as you! #trustandobey”