Simple Studio: Your Vision


Let me help you be your true self! You just need to know how to FIND your vision and then you can make it come true!

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Simple Studio: Your Vision

Do you know what you want? What would you shoot if you were free to shoot anything? What would it take to fulfill your vision. Join me and some very special guests as we explore those questions and more! See how they were able to come to MY studio and let me help them to bring THEIR visions to life! You can do ANYTHING. The hardest thing is THINKING of what to do. Watch as I help these photographers identify and then fulfill their own visions. See how they put it all on the line and reveal their true selves, with my help. You can do it too! You just need to know how to FIND your vision and then you can make it come true!

3 Reviews for Simple Studio: Your Vision

“Great workshop such a lot of helpful advice tips and ideas loved it!”

— BEV I.

“This has to be my favourite workshop yet! The details, the posing challenging yourself as a photography in a unfamiliar environment! i love everything about this workshop! Bravo to everyone that created beautiful images! Great job Meg”


“Loved... I love how each photographer expressed my challenges. I appreciated how Meg let them do their thing, then suggested little "Meg" tweeks and made the shot amazing. This one has inspired me to buy savage seamless paper, buy a light and soft box and set up a family studio in my apartment. Who knows where this journey will take me.”